Sunday, November 20, 2016

4 Tips that You must know before taking your Baby out for Outdoor Activities

Normally, good environment and learning from play or activities can encourage your baby's development.  No matter what playing inside or outside your house, it is good for the development progress.  Today, I have 4 tips that you must know before taking your baby out for outdoor activities

1. Choose the place that has good environment for your baby's learning activities; i.e. large area, fresh air, not too many people, etc.

2. Well prepared for necessary things for your baby; i.e. milk, water, toys, etc. just in case if your baby is hungry or feels bored about the activities, etc.

3. Before going out, you should know about his/her mood whether he/she is ready for the outdoor activities at that moment or not; i.e. he/she feels sleepy or he/she feels uncomfortable or not, otherwise, he/she will not want to do any activities outside the house anymore.

4. Let your baby plays freely and do not rush him/her to go home earlier.  Your baby will be certainly happy with the outdoor activities.

Apart from being fun, you baby will learn a lot of new experiences.  Playing, crawling or walking on the ground or grass will help stimulate the senses; i.e. seeing new environment, smelling the fragrance of flowers, hearing the sounds of various animals, touching leaves or grass, etc.  Besides, outdoor activities can improve your baby's muscle strength as well.

Hope you are well prepared and take you baby out of the house for the outdoor activities happily!

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