Friday, September 23, 2016

5 Best Christmas Gifts for your Two-year-olds Child

Christmas festival will spread happiness and laughter among your family and friends.  Giving gifts to your child will bring a big smile to him / her as well. 

Naturally, your two-year-olds child is very naughty, move quickly, eager to learn everything, enjoy many activities that are attractive.  He / She love to learn new things every minute.  He / She presently learn to balance and explore new world around him / her.

Now, you are thinking of some gifts that will be special, creative and valuable for him / her for Christmas.  It’s not easy to buy such gifts for him / her, right?  Because not any toys your child will play with, I listed toys that will be best for Christmas gifts for your two-year-olds child, for your selection.

1)  Activity tables
There are a lot of fun activities on the table which will encourage your child to explore and learn.

2)  Pull-Along Toys
The toys will help your child develop fine and gross motor skills.  He / She will enjoy pulling the toys around your house all day long. 

3)  Building blocks and shape sorters
The toys will teach your child about sorting and improve his / her motor skills as well. 

4)  Bloom sets
Your child sees you clean the house every day and he / she sometimes like to pretend to do that by himself / herself.   The toys will allow him / her to do roll-play as well.

5)  Musical toys
Your two-year-olds child likes to make some noises by himself / herself.  He / She, of course, loves to play music as well.  Therefore, it will be great to buy musical toys for him / her as a Christmas gift.

There are many kinds of toys in the market presently.  Choose the best one that can make your little child happy and help his / her development on various skills, creativity and imagination as well.  I bet these 5 lists of toys should be considered as the best Christmas gifts for your two-year-olds child indeed.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

8 Best Toys for your Baby at 9 - 12 Months Old

Your baby at this age has more skills and he / she can grasp objects that are smaller than before.  He / she would love to play with toys that have many buttons for pushing or pulling.  He / She will also enjoy throwing things around and wait for you to get it back to him / her and he / she will throw it out again and again.  

Here below 8 best toys for your baby at 9 - 12 months old:

Color balls
You may buy color balls for him / her for throwing because this will help your baby develop his / her hands skills.  He / she will learn about cause and effect; i.e. everything would have to fall to the ground and doesn't hang in the air.

Pop up toys
Your baby can use his / her fingers to press the button and when the toys come out, he / she will laugh happily.  He / she will enjoy the toys for hours.

Musical toys
Naturally, most babies at this age like to make noices by themselves, so xylophone, piano, drum, are musical toys that your baby will love.  Your baby will certainly play the music at his / her own style that you never heard before.  It's really great, right?

Telephone Toys
Telephone toy is one of the most interesting toys that your baby will love to play with.  Your baby will enjoy pressing the buttons and the sounds will attract him / her for hours.

Bath Toys
Bath toys will keep your baby having fun at bath time.

Shape sorter
Triangle, rectangle or circle blocks will encourage your baby's skills and understanding about various shapes and colors.

Buy balls that have colorful colors and sounds for your baby to play with you; i.e. throwing into basket, playing in water, etc.

Push and ride toys
These toys will help your baby’s development of his / her balance while he / she tries to start walking.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

10 Necessary Items for your New Baby


Prepare everything for your new baby earlier will help you feel more confident when your baby's arrival.  And to help your life easier when you have to prepare several things for your baby, I have listed here below 10 necessary items for your new baby.

1. Crib
Your baby will spend most of the time in the crib so choose the crib that is safe and comfortable for your baby.

2. Baby mobile
Baby mobile should be cute, colorful, and has gentle lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep.  In the meantime, your baby would love to stare at the mobile happily before sleeping.

3. Bathtub, baby shampoo, baby soap, baby oil
Make sure you have all of the necessary bathing items ready before your baby arrives.  All baby products should not irritate your baby’s skin or eyes.  Your baby is very delicate and fragile, you should hold him/her carefully while bathing. 

4. Clothes, socks, hats
Your baby has sensitive skin, so you should buy clothes that are soft, (i.e. soft cotton), comfortable, and easy to change.

5. Bottles
Even though, your baby is breastfeeding, it is also necessary to buy some milk bottles, just in case, you are outside and there is no place for breastfeeding.

6. Diapers
Diapers should be well absorbed, comfortable and fit to your newborn baby.

7. Diaper bag
A diaper bag will help you keep everything you need for your baby while you go outside; diapers, wipes, rash cream, change of clothes, toys, etc.  Great bag make your life simpler indeed.

8. Play mat
Play mat will be a proper place for your baby to sleep while you are away from home.  It’s also a safe place to lay your baby down while you do other things; i.e. dishes washing, laundry, sweeping, etc.

9. Stroller
Although your baby likes to be held, you may buy stroller and take him for a walk outside the house at least once a day. 

10. Car Seat
Car seat is one of the most important items that you should prepare for your baby.  It should be appropriate for your baby's size and should be installed properly.

Friday, September 9, 2016

10 Tips to create good Mood and big Smile for your Baby

Creating big smile to your baby will help him / her have a good mood.  The smile and good mood will expedite the development of your baby in all aspects as well.

In contrary, if your baby always cries and has a bad mood due to various reasons such as wet diapers, uncomfortable clothes, etc., these will certainly slow down your baby's development.

Here below I would like to recommend you 10 tips to create a good mood and a big smile for your baby.

1) In the morning, welcoming your baby with a gentle smile, soft and warm voices will create a good mood to your baby as well.

2) Before going to bed, please choose three-dimensioned pictures tales books that your baby can touch and tell the stories to your baby with funny noises.  This will help your baby sleep well and create a big smile to your baby indeed.

3) Taking a bath can create a good mood to your baby.  While bathing your baby, you may add bath toys such as duck toys in the bathtub.  Your baby will enjoy bathing at any time.  Besides, another thing that you may do while bathing your baby is that massaging your baby's body.  This will help him / her feel refresh and have a good mood as well.

4) Diapers will also effect to your baby's mood because it will be with your baby's body throughout the day; i.e. every movement, sleeping, sitting, crawling or walking, etc.  Wearing uncomfortable diapers will irritate your baby's body and will certainly create bad mood to your baby.  Therefore, you should choose diapers that are thin but can absorb well.  This will help him / her be in a good mood and affect all aspects of your baby's development accordingly.

5) Prepare good, healthy and tasty food for your baby.   He / she will enjoy eating, have a good mood and big smile every meal.

6) Good environment at home is also very important because you and your baby stay almost of the time at home.  Everything should be tidy.  Open windows for fresh air and you may create good atmosphere with soft music during play time of your baby.   This will help your baby be in good mood.

7) Take your baby for a walk for fresh air outside the house.  Your baby will have new experiences, create his / her own imagination and touch with pure nature.  This will help expedite your baby's development indeed.

8) You may buy cute pets for your baby such as dog or cat, for entertaining your baby. Your baby's mind will be tender and in good mood.

9) Music can help to soothe your baby.  His / her mind will be calm and happy while listening to the music.

10) Your mood will affect directly to your baby.  So, please be in good mood, hold your baby with gentle touch and tender care.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

How to encourage your Baby to be Smarter

From research, we all understand that the first year of baby's life is the most important time for his/her learning.  Taking care your baby with your love, as Mom or Dad, is the valuable factor that can encourage your baby to be smarter.  Yes, it's the easiest way to do so.

Your baby can feel your love every time you are with him/her; i.e. while you hold him/her in your arms.  Even though, he/she cannot understand your words, he/she is effected by your emotions; i.e. happy, sad, etc.

Your baby's brain is working all the time.  You can practice his/her brain by creating or telling him/her more words every day.  Introduce those things your baby sees throughout the day and describe the things to your baby clearly by your easy words; i.e. "red toys", "green ball", etc.  Talking to your baby a lot is one of the best ways that can help for your smart baby.

To help your baby increase his/her vocabulary, you may take your baby for a walk outside every day and point out those things and say that "Look at that dog!", "A cute cat is coming", etc. 

While going shopping with your baby, he/she will be excited with the different faces of people who say hello with him/her and various sounds and colors can attract his/her interest as well.

We can say that your baby can gain a lot of experience while going outside and this will much encourage your baby to be smarter.

In the meantime, you may speak to your baby by soft tone of your voice.  This will make your baby feel warm and happy.  He/she will be able to catch on the rhythm of your speaking shortly.

Or let your baby learn many tones by singing songs to him/her whenever you can; while changing your baby's diapers, while bathing your baby, while feeding your baby, etc.

You may make funny noises when your baby touches your face, when your baby touches your nose or when your baby touches your ears.  These will make him/her laugh a lot and happy so much.  This will help your baby's development on hearing as well.

While changing diaper, you may teach your baby about his/her body parts.

Playing peekaboo can also help your baby learn that things can disappear and then came back.

Reading books will help your baby learn language.  If you read books to your baby every day, he/she can also learn to recognize the sequence of the words in the stories as well. 

As you see, encouraging your baby to be smarter is quite easy.  Let's go!

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

How to Help Stimulate the Development of your 6 Months Baby

When your baby reaches the first half of the year (6 months old), it is the important turning point of your baby's development; i.e. your baby will sit and play most of the time and not sleep all the time as before.  

Your baby is cute and his/her development changes every day.  He/she is more interested in the world around him/her.  He/She is now developing sensory and hands as well.  He/she also learns to use his/her muscles.

Before sitting independently, your baby shall have a lot of practices on rolling.  Neck muscles are ones of the most important parts of your baby's body which are necessary for his/her development of movement; i.e. crawling, sitting, etc. 

To help your baby strengthen his/her muscles and promote his/her development and intelligence around your baby, you may buy some toys for him/her.

Toys can help your baby’s learning and creating.  Your baby can learn math from blocks toys, stacking cups.  Your baby can also build up his/her imagination as well from these kinds of toys.  Some toys can help your baby get more exercise, such as balls, activity centers.

Baby mobile can attract your baby's attention and help him/her to strengthen his/her neck as well.

Playmat is also one of the best educational toys which will help stimulate your baby's senses.

Playing is the easiest way to improve your baby’s skills and development.    Your baby will be happy while playing.  So, if you are around and play with him/her, it will be really good for your baby’s mental and physical development.  Your baby needs all love and care from you indeed.