Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to stop your baby from crying

If you are new mom or dad, one of the main problems with your baby that you would encounter is baby's crying and you don’t know how to stop his crying shortly.  Following me and you will find some solutions that can solve this problem.

First of all, you have to know what the reasons that can make your baby cries. 

The main reason that I can tell you now is that your baby maybe hungry.  So, you have to check first and if it is the reason, then you have to feed your baby promptly.

In the meantime, if your baby’s diaper gets dirty, he would cry loudly because he doesn’t like that at all.  If it’s the case, you have to change the diaper immediately.

Besides, if your baby is too tired and needs some sleeps, he may communicate with you by crying out.  You may wrap him with warm blanket and sing him lullaby songs respectively.  This is one of the best ways to stop his crying and help sooth him to sleep within a short time.

Sometimes, the temperature at your baby’s room is too cold or too hot, you may have to check.  The recommended temperature should be around 18 C.

Furthermore, another one reason that your baby cries after feeding is that the air that he swallows while breastfeeding or sucking from bottle causes him some discomfort.  Therefore, you have to give him a good burp.

If you check and have done everything above and your baby keeps on crying, I think your baby may just want to be held.  What you should do is to hold him closely and softly.

I do really hope that this information would be helpful for you.  Good luck!

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

6 Tips for Encouraging your Kid to Love Reading

Reading can help your kid create imagination and learn about his/her new worlds.  So, start encouraging your kid to love reading soonest possible would be great.  Here below are 6 tips to help you to do so.

1. Read a story to your kid with various voices, vivid movement or attractive acting.  This will help the story more fun and interesting. Your kid will enjoy the story from the beginning till the end.

2. You may notice what things your kid particularly likes. Then you may buy books that have stories associated with those things. Your kid will be more impressed and enjoy reading the story than before.

3. You may add reading activities into your daily routine activities; i.e. you may let your kid read labels of the snack or candy packages while shopping in the supermarket or read food menu when you go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

4. Arrange a book corner in your house with a nice atmosphere for reading.  There should be various kinds of books that your kid can read by himself/herself.  Besides, the book shelf should be in a position that your kid can pick up the books by himself/herself easily.  

5. Take your kid to the bookstore and let him/her choose his/her favorite books.  Or you may take your kid to the library regularly.  This can gradually create book lover to his/her mind.

6. Reading activities through play or games are ones of the best ways to encourage your kid to love reading because he/she will have both fun and learning at the same time.  For example, the games such as matching words with pictures will be much attractive to your kid. It may be simple words that are frequently used in everyday life.

It would take time to be a book lover.  Therefore, don't expect too much that your kid will be a book lover shortly.  I believe that following the above mentioned tips, your kid will gradually learn how to read and love reading finally.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tips to Prepare Your Baby's Nursery

To get ready for the arrival of your new baby, you may have to think about the baby’s nursery firstly.  There are many things that you should prepare and decorate for the nursery room.  Let’s see some tips that will help you.

Cleanliness is the top priority that you should consider first; i.e. crib, pillow or the atmosphere in the nursery room should be clean and without dust because your newborn baby is very fragile. He/she would probably be harmed easily from any disease. 

The light in the nursery room should not be too bright to avoid any harm to your baby's eyes.  Besides, the air temperature should not be too cold.  And the nursery room should be allowed sunlight to come through the room to help good atmosphere.

You should choose the crib or bed that is safe for your baby.  The bed covers, pillow cases, or blankets should be soft and breathable.

There should be few furniture or only necessary furniture in your baby's nursery room to avoid any dust.  Besides, stuffed animals should not be put in your baby's crib or bed.

I do hope the above tips would be useful for you to prepare your baby’s nursery.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Benefits of Reading Books to Your Child Before Bedtime

Sometimes, you may face troubles that your child does not want to go to sleep earlier.  It may be a difficult time for your child to settle down because the world is very dark and scary for him/her.   I think reading books to your child before bedtime is one of the best things you can do to solve this problem because reading books can help you to calm your child’s heart to fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly.  

Besides, in my opinion, readying books to your child is one of the wonderful forms of entertainment.  You may choose the stories with animals as characters (they often have human character) for your child because they are very popular among children. Your child will certainly enjoy the stories with a lot of lovable illustration as delightful bedtime tales. 

Picture books will also be one of the best choices that can help your child to love reading and sleep well. He/she will much enjoy watching the colorful and beautiful pictures and be happy to add his/her own imagination while reading as well. 

Moreover, reading books to your child can help develop your child's brain.  Your child can learn many different new words, visit a lot of interesting places and experience the lives of all sorts of different characters.

You may read the books to your child aloud with eager voices.  Your child will be satisfied with the stories and fall asleep with sweet dream finally.

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