Thursday, December 1, 2016

Buy Best Toys to Promote the Development of your Baby

Toys are one of the most important factors that can help to promote your baby's development.  Therefore, buying best toys for your baby is your major job as mom or dad.  Let's see what kinds of toys that should be bought for your baby. 

Buy ring toys that have different surfaces such as plastic, rubber, clothes, etc. for your baby.  Your baby can develop his/her sense of touch well. Because he/she usually puts toys into his/her mouth, you should choose the toys that were made of non-hazard materials.  Good ring toys will help him/her strengthen the gums and reduce the pain from his/her first tooth as well. 

Buy baby mobile with cute animals or colorful flowers.  The mobile with music will also be a good idea.  Hang the mobile above your baby's head at the bed or crib that can be seen easily.  He/she will enjoy watching the moving animals or flowers.  This will help your baby practice his/her eyes.  He/she can also practice listening to the music.

Buy Soft dolls and soft toys which made of fabric or plastic that can make sounds when pressing or squeezing.  Your baby can well practice his/her listening when he/she shakes the squeeze toys.

Buy baby rattles for your baby.  This can help your baby strengthen his/her muscles.  Your baby loves to shake the toys that make sounds which can attract his/her interest and he/she will enjoy playing with the toys for hours.

Buy colorful clothes books.  This will help your baby familiar with books and reading.  Reading books before bedtime and during bath time will be the good times for your baby to learn.

Good luck!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

4 Tips that You must know before taking your Baby out for Outdoor Activities

Normally, good environment and learning from play or activities can encourage your baby's development.  No matter what playing inside or outside your house, it is good for the development progress.  Today, I have 4 tips that you must know before taking your baby out for outdoor activities

1. Choose the place that has good environment for your baby's learning activities; i.e. large area, fresh air, not too many people, etc.

2. Well prepared for necessary things for your baby; i.e. milk, water, toys, etc. just in case if your baby is hungry or feels bored about the activities, etc.

3. Before going out, you should know about his/her mood whether he/she is ready for the outdoor activities at that moment or not; i.e. he/she feels sleepy or he/she feels uncomfortable or not, otherwise, he/she will not want to do any activities outside the house anymore.

4. Let your baby plays freely and do not rush him/her to go home earlier.  Your baby will be certainly happy with the outdoor activities.

Apart from being fun, you baby will learn a lot of new experiences.  Playing, crawling or walking on the ground or grass will help stimulate the senses; i.e. seeing new environment, smelling the fragrance of flowers, hearing the sounds of various animals, touching leaves or grass, etc.  Besides, outdoor activities can improve your baby's muscle strength as well.

Hope you are well prepared and take you baby out of the house for the outdoor activities happily!

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Important Developments of Your Child at 3 Years Old

Your child at 3 years old has many important developments both physically and intellectually; i.e. more leaning, social skills, and self-esteem.

Your child at this age has more active in physical and enjoy playing especially cycling. Besides, your child likes to imitate what he/she sees; cooking like his/her mom, playing tennis like his/her dad or imitate what he/she sees at the television.

Babies use their body language to tell you about the things they want; crying, but for children at 3 years old, they use words to express their feeling.  This is the beginning of language development in children.

At this age, your child begins to recognize more words and better understand about easy words such as above, below, forward, backward, etc.  Your child will imitate your language, so you should use the correct words when talking with him/her.

Even though, your child at this age can use words to communicate with you, he/she is still not good at using the words.  Don't worry.  He./she will gradually speak better.

Your child at this age is ready to read.  You can obviously see that he/she loves to see the pictures in the books, drawing or have a lot of strange new words. Te encourage your child to love reading, you should reading books at bedtime to your child.  This will also help him/her to relax and sleep happily.  In addition, you should let your child choose his/her own books.

For writing,  you child at this age like painting or drawing roughly.

Your child at this age is old enough to attend school. He/she will recognize the separation from you, dad or mom. He/she is old enough to learn to live together with others and follow the social rules.

Your child will also have fun with molding clay into candy pieces which were created by his/her imagination. You should admire him/her on this because it will help encourage your child to be proud of himself/herself.

Apart from family members, your child will have bond with others such as teachers, friends, etc, He/she understands the social rules better.  He/she can also use his/her words to express his/her own desire or feeling.

By the way, your child at this age could not speak well enough so when he/she feels upset or depressed, he/she express through his/her behavior or body language to attract  your attention such as naughty, crying, disobeying, etc.  If you closely observe your child's behavior, you will understand his/her feeling without difficulty and this can help your child feel more happy.

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tips for Encouraging your Child to Read

Some children do not like to read. This problem may be difficult for some parents to solve.  Does your child like to read?  If no, encouraging your child to read is quite easy if you follow my tips.

* Choose picture books that have beautiful places which look exotic or different from the places where you stay and tell stories or add interesting information about those places to your child.  This will make your child more fun in reading and learning about the world that he/she has not ever seen or known.

* Give your child rewards such as his/her favorite desserts if he/she can finish reading for one book.  This will encourage him/her to take more time in reading.

* While reading the stories to your child, you may change your voices according to the characters of the cartoons.  This can attract your child's attention to listen your story until the end and better understanding about the whole stories.  You may ask your child what will happen next.  This will help your child create his/her own imagination.

* You may use puppets or his favorite dolls to imitate or act as the cartoon characters in the books.  This can keep your child entertained with the amazing stories in the books.

* Take your child to the places that have the similar atmosphere as the fairy tales; i.e. amusement park, etc.  This will help encourage your child to read the books again when he/she comes back home.

* Take your child to see the fairy tales show.  This will make your child fun and enjoy the show which is similar to the stories in the books he/she had read. 

* Take your child to the bookstores that have activities area for children.  You may let your child be participated in the activities that the bookstores held.  This will help your child love more books.

By these tips, your child will gradually learn to know that reading books is enjoyable, so he/she will start reading books by himself/herself and love reading soon.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

8 Simple Activities that can Increase your Child's Concentration

We all know well that concentration is one of the best ways to help your child be smarter and best progress in his/her study and success in his/her work when he/she grows up.  There are 8 simple activities that I would like to suggest you to help increase your child's concentration.

At the beginning, you may help your child focus on simple activities that can help he/she learn how to solve the problem by himself/herself first such as eating, bathing, buttoning up his/her shirts, etc.  Then gradually increase more difficult activities such as doing housework, etc.  This is to stimulate your child's development in the decision and help him/her recognize his/her duties in his/her routine life.

Let's see how to practice and what activities that can help increase your Child's Concentration:

1) Reading books or fairy tales
This will help your child practice spelling words and focus on the letters or characters in the book.  It can also help him/her create imagination.  In case, if your child cannot read the books by himself/herself, you have to tell the stories for him.  This will help him/her to practice listening as well.

2) Listening to music is good for your child's concentration
This can help your child's mind be calm and reduce tension in the morning before going to school and in the evening when returning home.  Normally, classical music can enhance your child's memory and efficiently learning. 

3) Prepare a quiet and private area in your house particularly for your child to have some activities such as reading, doing homework, reviewing lessons, etc.

4) Arts such as drawing, painting or paper works are ones of the activities that can help increase your child's concentration.  Your child can practice using hands-eyes cooperation well.   He/she will enjoy creating his/her own art styles.

5) Buy toys or games, such as matching games, puzzles. lego blocks for your child, these can help your child concentrate on playing for a long time.

6) Let your child help you do some housework, such as watering plants, washing clothes, clean the floor, etc.  This will help him/her concentrate on doing those things till completed.

7) Nature such as trees, leaves, flowers, etc. can help increase your child's concentration.  You may teach your child to learn about the process of planting; i.e. watering, fertilizing, etc.  Your child will concentrate on observing the growth of the trees each day till the trees grow up.

8) Hobbies such as reading books, cycling, collecting stamps, etc. can help your child's mind be calm and concentrate on doing these activities and create self-confident.

Apart from these 8 activities that can help increase your child's concentration, another one important factor is that you should support and encourage the activities that your child is particularly interested in because this will attract him to do things at his/her utmost ability.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Tips for Raising a Smarter Child

Raising your child to be smarter is not difficult, but you have to be patient and try to better understand your child.  I have some useful tips to share with you, as below.  Perhaps you may be interested and find the best ways for you to raise your child to grow smarter.

Raise your child with love.  During the first month, your baby will mostly use his/her time for eating and sleeping.  You should take care of him/her with soft touch and love.

Your child at two years old cannot say, but he/she well understands, more curious and eager to learn everything around him/her.  You should arrange good environment for him/her to learn and play happily. 

Admire your child when he/she can do something successfully.  Your child will be proud of himself/herself.  This will gradually create self-esteem to your child.

Learn through play.  Your child can learn through play and he/she likes to imitate the routine life from you (as dad or mom).

Besides, you should encourage your child to love sport.  This will make him/her be strong and healthy.  Sport can help your child learn to be patient.  Sport can help your child create his skills and have many friends, not feeling lonely. 

In addition, music, art, crafts or drawing is useful hobby that can motivate your child on imagination and creativity as well.

Learn through daily activities.  Daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, can help your child develop his/her skills.  This will also create your bond relationship with your child as well.

Reading tales or stories to your child can create fun time and can also teach him/her about colors, shapes, cause and effect, etc.

Good environment and good raising or good taking care of your child is one of the most important factors for your child's growth and development.  Your utmost love for your child will also make your child be happier, healthier and smarter.

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