Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to Stimulate your Baby 0-6 Months

Your little baby is very fragile.  He/she spends most of his/her time for eating and sleeping.  He/she is alert and ready to learn during 5 - 10 minutes before or after feeding time.   So, this will be a great time to stimulate your baby.

His/her eyes are the slowest development part of the body; i.e. he/she can see the objects that far away from him/her at only approx. 10-13 inches.  Your baby likes to look at black and white more than other colors because the two colors are obviously contrasting.

To stimulate your baby's vision, you may introduce your baby about things that are around him/her.  Or let him/her watch black and white mobiles.

To stimulate your baby's hearing, you should talk to your baby frequently with gentle voice.  You may shake or squeeze toys to make sounds and your baby will turn to listen and can recognize and differentiate the sounds well.  Or you may sing a lullaby song for your baby.

To stimulate your baby’s smell, you may hug your baby closely and then your baby can recognize the familiar smell of you. He will gradually distinguish different other smells.  Or let your baby recognize the smell of milk during breastfeeding, he will feel warm.

To stimulate your baby's touch, you may buy plush toys for your baby to hug.  You should touch and hug your baby gently.  He/she can listen your heart beat and feel your love as well.

To stimulate your baby’s taste, during breastfeeding, he can recognize the taste of milk and then gradually distinguish different taste later.

To stimulate your baby’s movement, you should let your baby's body moving freely. 
Let your baby grab mobile above his/her head or kick in the air while lying.

Playing with your baby frequently can stimulate his/her development.  He/she can start to recognize his/her body; i.e. finger, feet, mouth.  He/she can start making sounds.  He/she can start playing with the closest toys.  You will see these progresses with happiness.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Choose Appropriate Toys for your Son or your Daughter

Toys for children are different from baby toys.  Toys that are popular for children are more complex and more challenge than before.  Naturally, boys and girls are interested in different toys.  Let's see what kinds of toys that can attract your son’s or your daughter’s interest and choose the appropriate toys for them.

Appropriate toys for your son

Lego, Wooden Blocks, Plastic Blocks
These toys have complex structure that will help your son more concentrate while playing.  Besides, the toys can help your son develop his hand-eye coordination, imagination, understand of sequence, etc.  They are challenge toys that you son will love.

There are many advantages of bicycling.  It can keep your son's body moving fluently and develop his muscles well.  This will gain more confidence of your son and he will have self-esteem.

Hand tools toys
These toys will help your son understand how to use the tools properly.  You may ask your son to help you build a small house for your dog and explain to your son how to use each tools while building the house.

Appropriate toys for your daughter

Dolls / Plush Toys
Dolls or plush toys will help your daughter play a role more fun than she was young because the dolls or plush toys are more modern with beautiful dress and the story is more realistic, more complex and more exciting. 

Puzzles Toys
These toys help your daughter be concentration while playing.  Besides, the toys can help your daughter understand the shape and the relation of space.  You can join your daughter to have more fun.

Cashier Machine Toys
The toys will help your daughter learn about math calculation.

Naturally, boys are interested in the structure and capabilities of science.  They can remember about direction and three-dimensional position well.  In contrary, the girls are more gentle and sensitive than the boys.  Since the interest of the boys and the girls are different, appropriate toys for your son and your daughter are different. 

By the way, no matter what the play style of the boys and the girls are, it means nothing.  The most important thing is you, as their parents, who should encourage the play role of your son or your daughter by providing good environment, good play yard and appropriate toys for them respectively.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Important Development of your Toddler

Being a mother is a very important role and there are many things that you can do to help stimulate your toddler's development.

Watching the development of your toddler is very truly valuable time; starting from a few little walks, a few little jumps and he/she can run finally.  From the baby who can only make noises with no meaning, your toddler can say a few words and gradually talk with you in short sentences.

Your toddler has many important developments on various skills now; learning, thinking, speaking, tasting on various types of foods, etc. 

He/she is active in every movement; rapidly develops especially in motor skills; i.e. exploring new worlds and want to try new challenges.

He/she is now proud to show you his/her strength; i.e. you may see him/her climb up the toys at the playground higher than before with his/her much confidence.

He/she can start riding a tricycle in the backyard of your house. 

You can play a ball with him for fun because he/she can catch and throw a ball well. 

He/she can make a higher tower block and you can join this enjoyable activity.

Spend your times with your toddler as much as you can and express your love by frequently hugging, talking, singing, eating, playing or reading with your toddler.   

These activities which you share together with him will help him/her feel special and proud of himself/herself.  These will help your toddler expedite the important development as well.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Choose Appropriate Toys for Development of your Baby 0-12 months

Toys are an important factor leading to the development of language, creativity, concentration, memory, thinking problems, and much more.

0-3 months
There is nothing much for playing with your newborn because he/she is learning to breathe, learning to move, learning to see, etc.  He/she is responding to familiar people who talk with him every day, like you. (mom or dad)  He/she likes to stare at your eyes and lips that are moving back and forth.  We can say that mom's and dad's faces are considered as the first toy for newborn.

Your newborn needs time to adjust to the new world, he/she cannot see in a long distance.  Colorful mobile can help your newborn develop concentration and sight.  Meanwhile, the mobile should have contrasting colors such as black, red, white and move slowly.  These can help stimulate your newborn's interest.

Plush toys can stimulate your newborn's five senses that will help him/her learn new things.  Your newborn will be happy playing with his/her favorite toys and concentrate on playing toys toys for hours.

3-6 months
Soft cloth picture books will stimulate your baby's five senses.  Different texture surfaces will help your baby learn and remember well.

6-8 months
Drum or musical toys will help your baby concentrate to listen to the music.  This will bring him/her to good memory.

Block will be best toy that can help your baby develop his/her skills on solving solution; i.e. How to make the blocks higher and not let the blocks fall down. This will help your baby concentrate while thinking and have good solution to play with toy finally.

8-12 months
Sorting toys with various shapes will help your baby develop his/her skills on cause and effect.  If your baby practices it frequently, this will help him/her be wiser.

Pull toys will help your baby stimulate muscles on the balance because your baby can slightly walk with the toy.  This will also create a lot of fun while walking as well.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Choosing Best Activity Toys can Help Stimulate your Child's Development

Watching your child’s progress is fascinating!  As to prepare your child to grow wise and happily, you should not look over the activities that will help his/her development.  Please be in mind that the more your child plays, the more your child learns. 

Playing outside when the weather is fine will be a great idea.  This will be good for your child’s health because he/she can exercise in the fresh air and it is one of the best ways to help your child's development efficiently.

Toy is one of the most important factors that help your child learn and stimulate his/her skills; i.e. gross skill, motor skill, etc.  As most children naturally love to play with water, you may buy outdoor water activity table and let your child play at the backyard of your house. This will help him/her cool down and it will be pure fun and provide hours of happiness for him/her indeed. 

In addition, musical activity will also help develop your child’s brain to concentrate, relax and learn better in different languages, melodies and rhythms at the same time, etc.

Moreover, physical activity like activity gym is also an important part that can provide good and healthy development for your child.  Your child will well develop his/her muscles; arms, legs, etc.

It’s a pretty good time for your child to have good exercise.  I think those kinds of toys are very great and interesting toys for your child to learn various new things and a lot of activities.  And that can stimulate your child’s development as well.  Choosing best activity toys for your child is an important part of your job as a parent.  Good luck!

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