Friday, November 18, 2016

Important Developments of Your Child at 3 Years Old

Your child at 3 years old has many important developments both physically and intellectually; i.e. more leaning, social skills, and self-esteem.

Your child at this age has more active in physical and enjoy playing especially cycling. Besides, your child likes to imitate what he/she sees; cooking like his/her mom, playing tennis like his/her dad or imitate what he/she sees at the television.

Babies use their body language to tell you about the things they want; crying, but for children at 3 years old, they use words to express their feeling.  This is the beginning of language development in children.

At this age, your child begins to recognize more words and better understand about easy words such as above, below, forward, backward, etc.  Your child will imitate your language, so you should use the correct words when talking with him/her.

Even though, your child at this age can use words to communicate with you, he/she is still not good at using the words.  Don't worry.  He./she will gradually speak better.

Your child at this age is ready to read.  You can obviously see that he/she loves to see the pictures in the books, drawing or have a lot of strange new words. Te encourage your child to love reading, you should reading books at bedtime to your child.  This will also help him/her to relax and sleep happily.  In addition, you should let your child choose his/her own books.

For writing,  you child at this age like painting or drawing roughly.

Your child at this age is old enough to attend school. He/she will recognize the separation from you, dad or mom. He/she is old enough to learn to live together with others and follow the social rules.

Your child will also have fun with molding clay into candy pieces which were created by his/her imagination. You should admire him/her on this because it will help encourage your child to be proud of himself/herself.

Apart from family members, your child will have bond with others such as teachers, friends, etc, He/she understands the social rules better.  He/she can also use his/her words to express his/her own desire or feeling.

By the way, your child at this age could not speak well enough so when he/she feels upset or depressed, he/she express through his/her behavior or body language to attract  your attention such as naughty, crying, disobeying, etc.  If you closely observe your child's behavior, you will understand his/her feeling without difficulty and this can help your child feel more happy.

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