Thursday, December 1, 2016

Buy Best Toys to Promote the Development of your Baby

Toys are one of the most important factors that can help to promote your baby's development.  Therefore, buying best toys for your baby is your major job as mom or dad.  Let's see what kinds of toys that should be bought for your baby. 

Buy ring toys that have different surfaces such as plastic, rubber, clothes, etc. for your baby.  Your baby can develop his/her sense of touch well. Because he/she usually puts toys into his/her mouth, you should choose the toys that were made of non-hazard materials.  Good ring toys will help him/her strengthen the gums and reduce the pain from his/her first tooth as well. 

Buy baby mobile with cute animals or colorful flowers.  The mobile with music will also be a good idea.  Hang the mobile above your baby's head at the bed or crib that can be seen easily.  He/she will enjoy watching the moving animals or flowers.  This will help your baby practice his/her eyes.  He/she can also practice listening to the music.

Buy Soft dolls and soft toys which made of fabric or plastic that can make sounds when pressing or squeezing.  Your baby can well practice his/her listening when he/she shakes the squeeze toys.

Buy baby rattles for your baby.  This can help your baby strengthen his/her muscles.  Your baby loves to shake the toys that make sounds which can attract his/her interest and he/she will enjoy playing with the toys for hours.

Buy colorful clothes books.  This will help your baby familiar with books and reading.  Reading books before bedtime and during bath time will be the good times for your baby to learn.

Good luck!

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