Sunday, October 23, 2016

Important Development of your Toddler

Being a mother is a very important role and there are many things that you can do to help stimulate your toddler's development.

Watching the development of your toddler is very truly valuable time; starting from a few little walks, a few little jumps and he/she can run finally.  From the baby who can only make noises with no meaning, your toddler can say a few words and gradually talk with you in short sentences.

Your toddler has many important developments on various skills now; learning, thinking, speaking, tasting on various types of foods, etc. 

He/she is active in every movement; rapidly develops especially in motor skills; i.e. exploring new worlds and want to try new challenges.

He/she is now proud to show you his/her strength; i.e. you may see him/her climb up the toys at the playground higher than before with his/her much confidence.

He/she can start riding a tricycle in the backyard of your house. 

You can play a ball with him for fun because he/she can catch and throw a ball well. 

He/she can make a higher tower block and you can join this enjoyable activity.

Spend your times with your toddler as much as you can and express your love by frequently hugging, talking, singing, eating, playing or reading with your toddler.   

These activities which you share together with him will help him/her feel special and proud of himself/herself.  These will help your toddler expedite the important development as well.

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