Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Choose Appropriate Toys for your Son or your Daughter

Toys for children are different from baby toys.  Toys that are popular for children are more complex and more challenge than before.  Naturally, boys and girls are interested in different toys.  Let's see what kinds of toys that can attract your son’s or your daughter’s interest and choose the appropriate toys for them.

Appropriate toys for your son

Lego, Wooden Blocks, Plastic Blocks
These toys have complex structure that will help your son more concentrate while playing.  Besides, the toys can help your son develop his hand-eye coordination, imagination, understand of sequence, etc.  They are challenge toys that you son will love.

There are many advantages of bicycling.  It can keep your son's body moving fluently and develop his muscles well.  This will gain more confidence of your son and he will have self-esteem.

Hand tools toys
These toys will help your son understand how to use the tools properly.  You may ask your son to help you build a small house for your dog and explain to your son how to use each tools while building the house.

Appropriate toys for your daughter

Dolls / Plush Toys
Dolls or plush toys will help your daughter play a role more fun than she was young because the dolls or plush toys are more modern with beautiful dress and the story is more realistic, more complex and more exciting. 

Puzzles Toys
These toys help your daughter be concentration while playing.  Besides, the toys can help your daughter understand the shape and the relation of space.  You can join your daughter to have more fun.

Cashier Machine Toys
The toys will help your daughter learn about math calculation.

Naturally, boys are interested in the structure and capabilities of science.  They can remember about direction and three-dimensional position well.  In contrary, the girls are more gentle and sensitive than the boys.  Since the interest of the boys and the girls are different, appropriate toys for your son and your daughter are different. 

By the way, no matter what the play style of the boys and the girls are, it means nothing.  The most important thing is you, as their parents, who should encourage the play role of your son or your daughter by providing good environment, good play yard and appropriate toys for them respectively.

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