Friday, October 21, 2016

Choose Appropriate Toys for Development of your Baby 0-12 months

Toys are an important factor leading to the development of language, creativity, concentration, memory, thinking problems, and much more.

0-3 months
There is nothing much for playing with your newborn because he/she is learning to breathe, learning to move, learning to see, etc.  He/she is responding to familiar people who talk with him every day, like you. (mom or dad)  He/she likes to stare at your eyes and lips that are moving back and forth.  We can say that mom's and dad's faces are considered as the first toy for newborn.

Your newborn needs time to adjust to the new world, he/she cannot see in a long distance.  Colorful mobile can help your newborn develop concentration and sight.  Meanwhile, the mobile should have contrasting colors such as black, red, white and move slowly.  These can help stimulate your newborn's interest.

Plush toys can stimulate your newborn's five senses that will help him/her learn new things.  Your newborn will be happy playing with his/her favorite toys and concentrate on playing toys toys for hours.

3-6 months
Soft cloth picture books will stimulate your baby's five senses.  Different texture surfaces will help your baby learn and remember well.

6-8 months
Drum or musical toys will help your baby concentrate to listen to the music.  This will bring him/her to good memory.

Block will be best toy that can help your baby develop his/her skills on solving solution; i.e. How to make the blocks higher and not let the blocks fall down. This will help your baby concentrate while thinking and have good solution to play with toy finally.

8-12 months
Sorting toys with various shapes will help your baby develop his/her skills on cause and effect.  If your baby practices it frequently, this will help him/her be wiser.

Pull toys will help your baby stimulate muscles on the balance because your baby can slightly walk with the toy.  This will also create a lot of fun while walking as well.

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