Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to Stimulate your Baby 0-6 Months

Your little baby is very fragile.  He/she spends most of his/her time for eating and sleeping.  He/she is alert and ready to learn during 5 - 10 minutes before or after feeding time.   So, this will be a great time to stimulate your baby.

His/her eyes are the slowest development part of the body; i.e. he/she can see the objects that far away from him/her at only approx. 10-13 inches.  Your baby likes to look at black and white more than other colors because the two colors are obviously contrasting.

To stimulate your baby's vision, you may introduce your baby about things that are around him/her.  Or let him/her watch black and white mobiles.

To stimulate your baby's hearing, you should talk to your baby frequently with gentle voice.  You may shake or squeeze toys to make sounds and your baby will turn to listen and can recognize and differentiate the sounds well.  Or you may sing a lullaby song for your baby.

To stimulate your baby’s smell, you may hug your baby closely and then your baby can recognize the familiar smell of you. He will gradually distinguish different other smells.  Or let your baby recognize the smell of milk during breastfeeding, he will feel warm.

To stimulate your baby's touch, you may buy plush toys for your baby to hug.  You should touch and hug your baby gently.  He/she can listen your heart beat and feel your love as well.

To stimulate your baby’s taste, during breastfeeding, he can recognize the taste of milk and then gradually distinguish different taste later.

To stimulate your baby’s movement, you should let your baby's body moving freely. 
Let your baby grab mobile above his/her head or kick in the air while lying.

Playing with your baby frequently can stimulate his/her development.  He/she can start to recognize his/her body; i.e. finger, feet, mouth.  He/she can start making sounds.  He/she can start playing with the closest toys.  You will see these progresses with happiness.

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