Saturday, October 29, 2016

5 Secret Tips for Raising a Happy and Healthy Child

You, as parents, are the most important persons that can raise a happy and healthy child.  There are various factors to help your child to develop age-appropriate. Here below you will find 5 secret tips which are very easy to guide you to take care your child with love properly.

Food is essential for the development of your child's brain, so you should cook nutritious food for your child each meal.  This will make your child be in good health, good memory and good concentration as well.

Your child naturally has enormous strength to do many activity, you just encourage him/her to exercise every day.  This will help your child have healthy brain, strong and fresh body.  Besides, exercising in the morning will be good for your child's health because Vitamin D from the sun will help build strong bones as well.

Sleeping is considered to be the best of relaxation, especially for children.  This will make your child have healthy brain, great memory and creativity.  Therefore, you should arrange a sleeping routine for your child; i.e. go to bed and awake at the same time every day.  In addition, you should arrange good environment at your child's bedroom; i.e. no television, be quiet, appropriate temperature, etc.

Enhance play activities to your child.  Children at different ages will vary according to the developments of their bodies, minds, emotions or intellect.  Therefore, they have various interests in playing.  Choosing appropriate toys is one of the best ways to help your child develop physically, creativity and intelligence together as well.

Your warm touch, warm hug, and having activities together in your family will help your child feel safe, feel valuable and be proud to be loved from mom and dad.  When your child feels good about himself/herself and has mental stability, this will make his/her brain learn fast respectively.

These are just part of the secret tips to make your child happy and healthy.  Good luck!

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