Thursday, October 13, 2016

Best Tips to Get Your Child to Take a Bath

Do you face troubles with your child who always cries and denies taking a bath?  Some children had bad experience while bathing, therefore, they are afraid to take a bath, i.e. shampoo or soap irritate their eyes, etc.  By the way, your child has to clean his/her body every day.  So, teach him/her to have good attitude on bathing and tell him/her that cleaning his/her body is necessary.

Here below are best tips for fun bathing which will get your child to take a bath.

Let you child choose the cleansing items by himself/herself; i.e. soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.  In the meantime, you may help him in selecting the appropriate items for his/her age; i.e. gentle soap and shampoo which will not irritate his/her skin, small toothbrush which should be suitable for him/her.

Let your child have various kinds of the bathing items for more fun and exciting while bathing.  You may let your child choose color of the shower cap and explain to him/her that the shower cap is used for protecting his/her eyes from shampoo.  Or choose cute and colorful bathrobe for your child.  These will help encourage your child to take a bath.

Have the routine bathing time.  Let your child familiar with cleansing his/her body regularly by bathing him/her at the same time each day; i.e. bathing when he/she wakes up in the morning and before he/she goes to bed at night or brush his/her teeth after each meal, etc.

Convince your child with lovely words and not force him/her to take a bath.  For example, you may ask your child "what toothbrush color would you like to use today?"  “Guess, who will get a big hug after bathing?”  If he/she does not want to take a bath at that time, don't force him/her.  And you may try to gradually convince him/her to take a bath later.

Bathing toys can also help you to encourage your child to take a bath.  He/she will have fun and feel good about bath time.

Admire your child each time he finished bathing.  This will help him/her to be more confident to take a bath.

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