Monday, October 10, 2016

5 Tips to Encourage Your Toddler to Talk

Naturally, most toddlers love to talk, even though they know only a few vocabularies.  Actually, speaking not only make them fun but also help them develop the ability to communicate.  You can help your toddler to develop his/her speaking and communication as per the following tips.

1. Review what happened each day
Every day for your toddler is like an adventure; i.e. shopping for apples, helping you wash the dishes or wipe the floor, etc.  Review your toddler what was happened throughout the day.  If your toddler talk to you only one or two words, you may ask him/her further questions; such as which toys does he/her like most?, etc.  Reviewing the events every day with your toddlers will help you to be aware of the activities that your toddler does each day if you leave him/her at the daycare.

2. Vocabulary games
Normally, most toddlers love to play question games.  You may ask your toddler questions while you and your toddler go out for shopping or at the playground.  You may start the questions by using the words that he/she already knew and then gradually add new words.  If your toddler cannot answer the questions, you may whisper to him/her about the correct words and ask him/her to say the words loudly.   Then you explain to him/her about the meaning of the words; i.e. a book for reading, a car for driving, etc.

3. Talking on the phone
Most toddlers usually love to talk on the phone.  If your friends call you, you may let your toddler talks to them.  You may guide some questions to enable your toddler to have something to talk with your friends.   For example, what your toddler play this morning and let your toddler tell about this to your friends over the phone.

4. Let your toddler express his/her opinion
Most toddlers can understand what adults say.  If you let your toddler express his/her opinion frequently, he/she will be proud of himself/herself.  He/she will recognize that he/she is important in your eyes.

5. Video record
Most toddlers like to see them in the video.  So, you may make a video record while your toddler singing or playing the piano.  After he/she watched himself/herself in the video, he/she may want to sing or play the piano once again.  This will encourage your toddler to speak out and express himself/herself as well.

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