Monday, October 31, 2016

10 Ways to Encourage Your Child's Development

If you want your child to be intelligent, you should encourage your child’s development properly.  The following items are 10 ways that will help you to encourage the development of your child.  These will certainly much help him/her succeed in life in the future as well.  Let's see.

1. Show your child your good behavior
Show your child your good behavior and expression about social manners and routine life.  For examples, let your child help you to wash the dishes, sweep the floor or you may go out with your child for jogging together.

2. Good Nutrition
Prepare food with good nutrition for your child.  The food should be diversified each meal.  And avoid chili because it may cause bad effect to your child's health.

3. Milk
At least two glasses of milk a day to get good nutrients and your child will grow well.

4. Always answer your child's question
Explain with words that are easy for your child to understand. For examples, caterpillars grow into butterflies or chickens do not fly high because its wings are not as strong as bird wings.  These will help your child easily learn cause and effect.

5. Learn new experience
Take your child to an amusement park or a zoo where your child will be fun to learn new experience, ready to get good memory, and create an imagination.

6. Admire your child
Admire and encourage your child when he/she did something good or successful; i.e. applaud, kiss, hug, or give him/her a candy as a reward.  This will make your child be proud of himself/herself and encourage him/her to continue doing new good things.

7. Practice the art
Teach your child to practice writing, drawing or coloring, etc.  These will improve your child's muscles and enhance creativity as well.  Your child will have arts skills and math in the meantime.

8. Outdoor activities
Take your child outside your home to do outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, playing football, etc.  This will make your child's muscles be stronger and healthy.

9. Sing a song
Teach your child to sing a short and simple song.  Let your child dance with the music.  He/she will also enjoy listening rhythm which will stimulate his/her brain to learn, better memory, good mood, etc.

10. Practice counting
Let your child read books, look at animal pictures and learn about numbers which are easy for your child to understand.   This will help your child have new learning about mathematics and environment.  Your child will get more confidence and self-esteem.

I hope that these 10 ways will help your child learn and encourage his/her development as well.

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