Sunday, October 16, 2016

4 Best Bath Toys that can make your Baby Entertained while Bathing

Bathing time is considered as one of important time for your baby.  Naturally, bath time is a happy time for most babies whereas some babies are afraid of bathing. 

No matter your baby likes or dislikes bathing, the following are 4 best bathing toys that can help you to create good atmosphere and that can make your baby entertained while bathing. 

1. Animal Bath Toys

Animal bath toys such as frogs, turtles, fish, crabs, etc. are very popular among babies.   Most babies naturally love animals especially when those animals become bath toys which they can play while bathing. 

2. Bath Books

The bright and colorful pictures in the bath books which are floating on the water can attract your baby's interest well.  Besides, he/she will be fun and enjoy listening if you tell him/her about the stories in the bath books while bathing.

3. Rubber Duck Bath Toys

Rubber duck bath toys are one of friendly bath toys for most babies.  If your baby sees various rubber ducks toys swimming with him/her in the bathtub, he/she will be surely excited.  The rubber ducks toys can also create a lot of funny and entertaining atmosphere while the bathing time.

4. Boat Toys

Seeing boat toys floating in the water while bathing will create great fun for your baby.  He/she will be occupied by playing with those boat toys and forget about other things for hour.

In short, the above mentioned bath toys shall bring happiness to your baby during bath time.  And I do believe that your baby will certainly love and enjoy the bathing time than before.


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