Saturday, October 15, 2016

3 Best Ways to Express Your "Love" to Make Your Child Smarter

Normally, good environment mainly affects to children's intelligence.  Love and warmth of family, clean house, healthy food, good exercise and sleeping well are important factors that can help your child's great development and good intelligence as well. 

Especially the love of dad and mom is considered to be the most important things that can help your child's brain grow, well develop and will make your child smarter finally.

I would like to suggest you 3 best ways to express your love to your child and that can make your child smarter.

1) Express your love to your child by hugging him/her frequently

Hug your child gently and he/she can feel your love through your touch.  He/she will also realize that he/she is important for dad and mom.  So, you should hug your child with all of your love and do it every time you can.  While he/she is in your arms, he/she will feel safe, relaxed and happy very much. 

2) Express your love to your child through your gentle words.

You should talk to your child with gentle words.  For examples, "I love you so much", "you are very cute", etc.  In addition, you may sing songs with your child or read stories at bedtime every night.  This will help to build good relationship between you and your child.  And it also makes your child smarter in language and fast learning. 

If your child can well communicate with people surrounding him; parents, relatives or friends, this will make him have a good language development as well.  So, if you would like your child be smarter in language, you have to talk to him/her frequently and with gentle words.  Do not scold him/her or talk to him/her rudely because this will hurt his/her feeling and will decline on his ability to learn.

3) Express your love to your child by spending your time with him/her frequently

Even though you are busy, take your value time with your child is more important.

For examples:

- Ask your child about his activities at school, his friends, his pets, his favorite books, etc.  

- Play together with your child such as exercising, coloring, etc.

- Do activities together in your family such as planting, watering the plants, cooking, etc.

- Going out together; i.e. go shopping, go jogging at the park, go to the sea, etc.

It will be a great time and good experience when you and your child do those activities together.  This helps your child develop knowledge and make him/her smarter.

Taking care of your child with love will make him grow up with emotionally stable and optimism.   Love also helps your child develop language and communication with others.  In addition, it will help your child develop his/her creativity and imagination as well. 

If you want your child be smarter, just express your love with your child as per the 3 best ways that I suggested above.  I would like to emphasize here again that your "Love" is more important for your child than anything else in the world.

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