Monday, October 17, 2016

Benefits of Mirror for your baby

Mirror has benefits for your baby in many ways:

- Help your baby develop his/her talking

- Help your baby develop his/her visual development

- Help your baby development of touching

- Help your baby organize his/her world

- Help you to create a special bonding time with your baby

- Help your baby discover himself/herself while you introduce him/her to his/her body parts (encourage self-discovery); i.e. touch his/her nose, hair, ears, cheek and tell him/her the names of each body's parts.

- Help your baby's exploration; i.e. explore the different textures of the attached mirror's   toys

- Help your baby develop new skills of imitation; i.e. he/she will imitate you if you stick your tongue out at the mirror and he/she will do the same.  As you will see, your baby can imitate your gestures and emotions as well.

- Encourage your baby to crawl

- Entertain your baby during his/her tummy time.  Your baby will have more reflective fun while exercising.

- Your baby will enjoy watching himself/herself smiling, laughing, crying, moving forward or backward, etc. 

- Playing peekaboo in the mirror with your baby will help him/her develop his/her sense of object disappearing and appearing.

Use mirror with your baby regularly in the routine; i.e. while your baby plays, when you change your baby's diaper, after bathing your baby, etc.
According to these benefits of the morror which are a lot, I think, buying a mirror for your baby will be a good idea.  By the way, you should choose the mirror that is safe, sturdy and unbreakable to avoid any danger or accident.  And be in mind that bright colored mirror and the attached toys can attract your baby’s attention as well.

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