Friday, June 17, 2016

How to Increase Your Baby's Intelligence

Your baby's brain is the most important part of your baby's body because it controls everything including the memories, activities, creativities or intelligence of your baby.  Your baby's brain has to work all the time so increasing oxygen will help your baby's brain gain a lot of energy to work well and efficiently.

From my experience, I will describe to you how to increase the energy and oxygen to your baby's brain.  This will increase your baby's intelligence as well.

Arrange good environment and raising your baby properly.  This will make your baby feel warm and comfortable.  It's good for your baby's learning and his brain is well developed accordingly.

Create a positive feeling and thinking.  When your baby feel happy, his brain can be rapidly developed and he can increase his learning more and more.   For example, while breastfeeding, your baby can feel your love from your warm embrace and this can make him very happy.

Help your baby use the five senses frequently.  This will help your baby get more exercise and increase oxygen to your baby's brain to remember things perfectly.

Laughing and smiling.   It is a simple way to create energy to your baby's brain and stimulate positive thinking.  This will also make your baby feel good and get great learning.

Activities such as crawling, walking, running, will help your baby have more movements and be stronger and good healthy.  This is directly useful for his brain because his brain will get fully oxygen and work well respectively.

Help your baby have various activities.  This will help your baby get more practices and have new experiences as well.  It will also stimulate his brain to get for new things and gradually develop their learning.

Take your baby outside for fresh air and good atmosphere.  This will make your baby feel fresh, bright and cheerful.  By this way, it can also increase oxygen to his brain.

Create activities that your family (dad, mom and baby) can do together.  This will help establish your family ties with warm love and good sense.  This will certainly create well performance for your baby's brain.

The benefits of oxygen for your baby's brain

If we compare oxygen with food, so oxygen is the food for your baby's brain.  It will repair and slow down the deterioration of brain cells.

The more you increase oxygen to your baby's brain, the brain will get stronger and more healthy.  This will also help your baby's brain work efficiently.

The above mentioned ways can help your baby's brain create positive thinking, keep good memory and increase your baby’s intelligence, for sure.

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