Sunday, July 17, 2016

Guides to Raising a Smart Baby

Raising a smart baby is not difficult if you know and understand his/her development and ready to help stimulate the development as well.

You can help promote your baby's development since the first year of his/her life.  Creating good environment for the development of your baby will help his/her brain fully developed and act efficiently.

Dad and Mom are the most important persons for your baby’s development because both of you are the first ones who introduce various things for him/her to learn.

Good nutrition - The main food of your baby during the first six months is breast-feeding so mom has to eat five essential nutrients. 

Good mood - If your baby has good mood, it will be good for his/her learning and development as well.

Sleep well and sufficiently - This is the most important things because while sleeping, your baby's body can repair itself and the brain is ready to learn when awake.

Exercise - You may buy baby gyms to help your baby exercise every day; your baby can stretch his/her hands and legs, kick and grab freely. This will help your baby's physical development well.

Bedtime tales - Bedtime tales will help your baby increase his/her vocabulary.  The high and low voice while you read the stories to your baby will help draw his/her attention and strengthen him/her to concentrate better.

Music - Listening to the music will help your baby learn about rhythm.

Outdoor activities - Take your baby to the zoo. Being with nature and animals will help stimulate all his/her five senses.

Toys - baby lullaby mobiles will help your baby's development on seeing and he/she can learn about colors as well.  Different sounds of rattle toys can help your baby remember and think.  Bath toys will help entertain your baby during bathing.

The presumed play will help a better and faster development of your baby's language.

I believe that you will be proud and really happy seeing your baby growing smartly.

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