Sunday, June 12, 2016

6 Ways to Promote Your Baby's Development

Naturally, babies' brain during 0 - 3 years old will be developed utmost up to 80%.  You, as a new mom, should take this gold period by helping your baby's intelligence development.  Once your baby was born, his brain starts developing; i.e. he learns everything around him through his five senses; eyes (see), ears (listen), nose (smell), tongue (taste), and hands (touch).

Here below 6 ways to promote your baby’s development :

1) Breastfeeding 

Breastfeeding is the most natural and best way to promote your baby’s development because while feeding, your baby can feel your warm touch.  In the meantime, if you talk to your baby during this time, it will much help to stimulate your baby on hearing.

2) Smile and make eyes contact with your baby

This will help your baby having reaction with you because he can see your eyes and face.  Or you may play peekaboo to stimulate his interest and help him learn about  seeing.  Your baby will learn that eventhough he does not see you but he knows you hide behind the blanket or clothes.

3) Talk to your baby

Even though your baby cannot speak, but it does not mean he does not want to hear anything.  In contrary, according to research, it was found that babies would like to listen people talking more than music.  Especially when your baby is around 4 - 5 months old, he starts to remember your voice or someone familiar.  So, you should talk to your baby frequently.

4) Let your baby grab something by himself

This will help your baby develop his muscles.  If your baby is not urged to grab anything because you always took everything for him, your baby's hands will not be fully developed.  Therefore, you should let your baby grab something by himself.

In the meantime, you should embrace your baby frequently because your baby can feel your love through the gentle touch.   This will help your baby develop his emotional as well.

5) Learning through smell

At the beginning, your baby cannot distinguish different smells, but he starts developing this sense.  He gradually learns which smells he likes or dislikes, good smells or bad smells and then he can recognize the smells of your breast milk and your skin respectively.

Therefore, you should take care of your baby closely.  When your baby learns to remember your skin smell, he will feel warm and comfortable.  This will certainly help your baby develop his emotional stability.

6) Naturally, babies at 0 - 1 year old would like to taste everything by their mouths.  So, please beware of safety and make sure that the things around him are all clean, especially his toys which should be non-hazards and can be chewed.

But don't be worried or afraid so much that you do not allow your baby to learn anything through his mouth.  At the beginning, you may let your baby grab pieces of breads that can melt in his mouth and eat by himself.   This would help promote the development of your baby; i.e. he will feel happy and proud of himself that he can do something by himself.  This can build his self-esteem in the future indeed.

By the way, each baby is different, some babies develop rapidly or some babies develop slowly.  You should understand your own baby's development and do not compare with other babies.  I think the above 6 ways can help you to promote your baby's development and encourage him to grow up properly.

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