Sunday, June 5, 2016

What Your Baby at 6 Months Old Can Do?

Your baby at this age is more active and can grab toys faster than before.  His muscles are more strength.  Your baby can sit independently now.  But if your baby is not interested in sitting by himself at this age, don’t worry because some babies will wait until they can crawl and then sit at the age of 8 – 9 months.

Besides, other activities that your baby can do are probably as follows:

Your baby can hold his bottle by himself.

Your baby can step forward and backward.

You baby can drink milk from cup.

Your baby can realize his name; i.e. if someone calls him by his name, he can look at that guy immediately.

Your baby is interested in things around him and would love someone (esp. you) to play with him.  This is one of his important developments.

You may take your baby outside the house and talk to him what you see along the way.

Your baby can start solid food now.

Your baby may sleep approx. 3 times during the day (1-3 hours/time) and approx. 10 hours at night.

Your baby would probably have the first milk tooth at this age.  So, you should clean his teeth every day.

In the meantime, you may help your baby develop his sensory and movement by choosing best playmat for him because the playmat has many educational toys such as:

Soft dolls can help your baby learn about the different things and surfaces.

Toys that can be squeezed or pressed for musical playing can help your baby improve his hands-eyes coordination and the development of hearing as well.

Mirrors can help your baby see and learn about his own face and body.

The various types of fabrics can help your baby learn about the different surfaces.

The colorful and bright colors of the playmat can help your baby stimulate to learn about colors.

By the way, you are the most important person that your baby would love to see and play with; you just do funny face, your baby would smile and laugh happily.    So, don’t forget to play with him frequently, your baby will have good humor for sure!

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