Friday, December 25, 2015

How Picture Books can Help Your Child to Love Reading

Naturally, most children are eager to learn.  Learning through reading is one of most important development for them.   And I think picture books can help your child to love reading.    He or she will be much happy and enjoy creating his or her own imagination while reading.  Reading picture books can also develop vocabulary of your child as well.

Actually, you can buy picture books for your baby at 10 months old.  Picture books for your baby should be pictures of fruits, shapes, animals, vehicles, or colors, etc. 

For your child at 1-2 years old, peek-a-boo picture books will be much attractive for your child.  He or she will be fun while reading.

For your child at 3 year olds, tales with picture books are the most interesting ones and the colorful picture books can attract your child at this age very well.

Your child can feel the emotions of the characters and learn the whole stories from the beginning till the end through the cheerful pictures in the books.

You may create reading time with your child throughout the day; i.e. while your child eats breakfast, while bathing, while in your car, dinner time or bedtime, etc.  

In short, I think picture books would perfectly introduce your child to a big world of fun and it will stimulate his or her imagination and creativity.  He or she would love to read more and more.   I can say that picture books are great for your child’s development.  Besides, picture books can create good memory of reading for your child throughout his or her life as well.

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