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10 Best Building Blocks that can Help to Develop your Child's Skills

We can say that building blocks are great toys for children of all ages.  Building blocks are a lot of useful for children; i.e. building blocks can entertain your child for hours, help to develop your child’s motor skills, imagination and creativities.  Building blocks can also help coordination, balance and muscle control as well.

Here below you will find 10 best building blocks that can help to develop your child's skills :

1)  Mega Bloks First Builders BigBuilding Bag, 80-Piece 

Play, store and take it with you wherever you go! The 80 piece Maxi Blocks Classic Bag by Mega Bloks includes 80 big building blocks! It is the perfect toy for your little building fan who is just learning how to build with his own two hands. 

Give him the opportunity to stimulate his imagination and learning skills while encouraging discovery, fine motor skills and open-ended play. The practical storage bag keeps all of the pieces securely in one place and comes with a hand-strap to make carrying the blocks a snap! Ideal for children 1 year old and up!

2)  Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Babies love the fun and repetition of put-and-take play. It’s fun for baby to put the blocks in the bucket one by one, and then exciting to dump the bucket so all the blocks come tumbling out—over and over and over again! And while they’re having fun, they’re exercising important developing skills, too, like eye hand coordination (and other motor skills as they grasp, put, take and dump!), and thinking and problem solving skills.

Baby’s First Blocks is a fun way for you to extend play into an early-learning opportunity for your baby, introducing your baby to colors, counting and shapes as you play together. As your baby puts blocks into the bucket, identify colors (“That block is red…”), shapes (“Look, that’s a triangle!”), and counting, as your baby puts all 10 blocks into the bucket one by one. Pretty soon you’ll be able to ask your baby to find a red block, or a triangle block—and even count!

Baby’s First Blocks “grows” with your baby’s developing skills! When your baby’s ready for a little more challenge, the shape sorter lid fits right on top of the bucket for sorting and matching play. Five shaped openings encourage your baby to match shape blocks to the openings, and then fit them through the lid to drop into the bucket. And when your baby’s done, of course it’s fun to dump the bucket and do it all again!

With the MEGA Bloks Build'n Go Table, your child will spend hours building unlimited combinations of structures.

Bright, bold and bountiful, the Play 'n Go Table is a 3-in-1 construction marvel and the ultimate toy for home, daycare and school fun! This Play 'n Go Table can be brought everywhere and unfolds in a snap, acting as a building platform and practical storage container.

Classic stacking fun goes beyond the basics with these exciting blocks! Each one has its own activities, movement, and smiling character on top-just press them down to start the fun. 
Or stack all three blocks and press the top one for a whole tower of "magical" motion fun! 

Features: Includes 3 blocks with skill-building activities to press, flip, spin, turn and more Your baby can stack all 3 and press the top for a tower of "magical" motion 

Hands-on activities help your baby strengthen fine motor skills Stacking encourages development of eye-hand coordination your Baby’s actions make fn things happen, introducing your baby to cause & effect

The Easy Stack 'n Sounds Blocks are a set of 3 oversized easy stack and easy grasp blocks that help strengthen your baby's fine motor skills! 

Each block has bright colors, textures and sounds for your baby to explore with a different animal face featured on each ball. The weighted ball inside each block helps to easily guide the blocks and stack on top of each other. And your baby will love discovering the unique rattles and jingles inside each block as he shakes!

Plan Preschool toys combine learning with fun. Our carefully crafted blocks are specially designed to enrich every aspect of your child's early development. Contains 36 natural blocks and 14 coloured blocks. The set reinforces the creative process, expands your child’s thinking ability and stimulate his imagination.

Twenty-six letter-and-picture blocks, 23 shape-and-color blocks and a chunky Little People dog figure stack up to build alphabet learning fun.  Your little one can build the alphabet, beginner words, or just stack up fun. 

With the Melissa & Doug Wood Blocks, you get 100 brightly colored blocks in a variety of versatile shapes. A set of wooden blocks provides an opportunity for your child to pass the hours constructing towers, castles, or dollhouses. 

This set offers the opportunity for younger kids to practice his fine motor skills and experiment with the laws of physics while giving older kids an outlet for their creativity.

Children can let their imaginations run wild as they build towers and towns with this 60-piece standard unit block set. The 60 large, classroom-sized blocks have a classic look and are easy for little fingers to grasp.  This block set stimulates children for hours as they engage in imaginative play.

Little ones with a knack for building and creative play will be drawn to these lightweight and durable cardboard building blocks. A staple item in many preschools, this set can spark endless imaginative play as children build large, life-size structures. Builders practice mathematical skills as they add the number of blocks stacked on top of each other, and the various-sized blocks can facilitate a conceptual understanding of fractions. 

When kids are developmentally ready, parents can encourage them to discover that one large red block is the same size as two medium yellow blocks or four small blue blocks. 

While your child plays, he learns to solve problems and develop his skills.  Choosing one out of these 10 best building blocks can serve this purpose.  Good luck!

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