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Top 10 Ideal Preschool Toys for Your Child

If you are looking for toys for your child before it’s time he/she goes to school, I would like to recommend 10 ideal preschool toys that are so much to do and learn before he/she faces the real things during school days.

1)  LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

The Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set brings phonics skills to life with 26 singing, talking letters. Perfect for keeping your little one busy learning, the magnetic school bus and letter tiles stick to your fridge or any magnetic surface.

Your child can place each letter into the bus window and press it to hear Tad say the letter's name and sound. Press it twice and Tad will say a word that begins with the letter and then use the word in a sentence. 

Your child can also press the music note to move and sing along to three learning songs, including the "Alphabet Song" and "Wheels on the Bus.

" Designed by LeapFrog experts for children ages 2 and older, Fridge Phonics reinforces alphabet knowledge, including letter names and sounds, which is an important first step in learning to read. Playing with the letter tiles, which are designed for easy manipulation by little hands, also helps strengthen fine motor and coordination skills.

High and low, high and low; up in the sky and away they go! Lights, sounds, talking, and a fun sing-along song helps your child’s imagination take flight while he learns about "high" and "low" with a little help from the Little People! 

Fisher-Price’s Little People figures wiggle and wobble as kids spin the airplane wheel. The toy’s easy-carry handle helps pretend flights soar through the sky. The Lil’ Movers™ Airplane includes the toy plane and 3 Little People figures: Mia,™ Roberto,® and a pilot! Requires 3 "AA" batteries.

The Little People Disney Princess Palace is a detailed, interactive play set which brings Disney Princesses to life in a special way. Palace features Disney character styling and sculpture through and includes 6 play areas (Sitting Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Balcony, Attic, Dressing Room and Magical Dance Floor). 

Place any Little People Disney Princess figure on a special location on the Magical Palace Dance Floor and it recognizes that specific Princess and responds with her name, character phrases and a sung song from her movie. 

Dance Floor also has room for two additional figures - slide the fountain lever back and forth to activate dancing action. Sitting Room features a place for 2 figures to sit and look at the stars through the window. Kitchen features counter-top and sink with sound effects and movable table and chairs. Bedroom features movable bed. 2-figures can ride up elevator to the Balcony area or stop off in the Dressing Room to get ready for the ball. Comes with Snow White and Cinderella figures in adorable Little People styling.

4)  Fisher-Price Little People Lil' Movers Airplane

Up in the sky and away they go in the Fisher-Price Little People Lil' Movers Airplane! A fun sing-along song, two figures (the pilot and Mia the passenger) and a little piece of luggage will help your little one's imagination soar! 

Roll the plane along to activate a fun song about flying. Press down on the different seats to add different plane sounds! Open the cabin door and let the figures go up the steps to take their seats. Then, little ones can use the cabin's top handle to take the plane up, up and away! Features an on/off switch for the music, as well.

5)  Fisher-Price Little People Lil' Movers School Bus

Stop and go," that’s what riding the school bus is all about. That and enjoying the bumpy, "wiggly-wobbly" ride, of course! This cute bus will appeal to every toddler and preschooler who has gazed longingly out the window as the big kids board the big yellow bus, off to exotic destinations unknown. 

Measuring 12 inches long and half again as wide, the durable plastic bus rolls through town, jostling the passengers with the aforementioned "wiggly-wobbly" action. Push down on driver Carlos and see flashing lights, plus hear the "Stop and Go" song, beeping horns, giggling children, and commentary from the driver ("Everyone sit down…let’s go to school!" etc.). 

The bus includes driver, two passengers, a wheelchair for one of the riders, a swiveling stop sign, a door that opens, and easy access through the roof for children to play with the figures. 

Hook and Jake are always battling it out for treasure, so watch out for Hook and Hook's Battle Boat!   You can help Hook in his battle against Jake, by launching "water-balls" from his real-working cannon! 

Hook's Battle Boat rolls along on its hidden wheels with a rocking motion as if it's sailing the high seas. This playset Includes: a poseable Captain Hook figure and three "water-balls" for use with the firing cannon! (Not intended for use in water) AGE: 3+

The Magical Tea for Two set gives little girls everything they need to play tea party with a fun "magical" feature! The tea pot in the set has clear sides, showcasing the tea - ready to be served! Tilt the pot to "pour" the tea... the tea "disappears!" Set the pot back down, and the tea refills - ready for the next serving!

The set also includes service for two: two cups, two saucers, two spoons, two cookies and a decorative tray to display it all! Girls will love playing tea party over & over again with this magical feature!

The Little People Happy Sounds Home is a busy, colorful home filled with sounds, just like the real thing, only in this miniature version it’s your child who’s in charge of all the action. And, there’s plenty of it! 

This Fun Sounds Home has three “floors” so it’s easy for kids to play either sitting or standing. Each area has a “switch” your little one easily activates to hear lots of different songs and realistic sounds. 

As children move the figures up and down the stairs around and create different stories in every room, they’re improving finger dexterity. Plus, 12 charming sing-along songs in 5 different styles will help them role-play, teach them language and keep them engaged for hours.

The Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable is a detailed playset that brings the horses of the Disney Princesses to life. Watch as you place any of the horses on the ramps they magically "klip klop" or trot down the ramp to their next destination. 

There are two Royal destinations a Tower and Stable. On the three tiered tower side there is a vanity, Library and kitchen. As the horse trots to the Royal Stable, there is a balcony to overlook the grounds and then you can slide down to get to the ground level of the Royal Stable. There are two stalls and as you open the two stall doors, the horse will magically klip klop out. There is also a door in the center for a grand entrance. 

In the Court Yard you can place the Princess and horse on a dancing floor. There are lots of Klip Klop locations throughout the entire playset. Included is Rapunzel riding Maximus and a food piece.

Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm: The Little People Fun Sounds Farm brings hours of imaginative play from the farm right into a child’s world. 

Complete with adorable animals, sounds, songs and activities, this iconic toy – with its redesigned taller barn and silo – lets children play sitting or standing on all sides of the toy. 

Eight sing-along songs encourage role-playing and learning. There’s so much for little hands to do on this farm, and as they get busy, they’re practicing grasping skills, too!

You will see that these toys will teach, entertain, and also give your little one the perfect chance of self-expression in a safe and familiar world.  You child will love these toys as he/she can create his/her own stories while playing. 

As he/she makes up stories and role play, he/she expresses his/her own personality, feeling and ideas.  He/she will also gain a better understanding of how the real world works, whether it’s through learning everyday sounds or singing along with the songs.  What a great way to build confidence!

I can guarantee you that these are excellent learning toys that are fun for your little one.

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