Friday, May 29, 2015

10 Best Pretend Play Toys that Encourage Creative Play

Kids love to imitate the way of their parents’ lives.  You may choose toys that can make your kid’s play realistic and foster the growth of your kid’s imagination.  Pretend play toys can create growing play; i.e. your kid won’t even know he or she is learning while he or she is playing.

Here below I would like to present 10 best pretend play toys that encourage creative play for your choices :

1)  Little Helper Broom Set

Let your little one help with the chores and feel all grown up with the Junior Helper Broom Set from Schylling Toys, the world leader in traditional toys and classic fun. Complete with a 33 inch long broom, dust pan and brush sized just right for kids. The soft, thick bristles can handle any mess. The brush fits snuggly into the dust pan for easy storage and the broom and dust pan can be hung up on pegs.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Set provides the perfect way to ease your kid’s anxieties about doctor visits. Let him pretend to be the doctors or the patients and work out different scenarios for using all the tools. This Pretend & Play set is a great way to help your kid better understand his world while developing early language and social skills.

Role playing doctor or hospital visits eases your kid's anxieties and encourages empathy.

Teatime becomes much more magical when you get ready to pour and watch the tea actually “disappear”! Set it down and the tea fills back up! It’s a lovely service for two, complete with cups, saucers, spoons, cookies and a tray for serving. Now…who wants to have a tea party?

Children love to have tea parties with siblings, parents, friends, and their favorite dolls or stuffed animal companions. This Say Please tea set is a delightful way to introduce babies and toddlers aged 6-36 months to pretend play and sharing, while helping them learn important skills like counting, shapes, opposites, good manners, and more!

The Little Tike Gas 'n Go Mower children mimic the activity they see every day in the world around them. This outdoor toy comes with everything kids need to help keep the yard looking sharp! The sounds and hands-on features of this kid’s lawn mower encourage pretend play and get kids moving – and mowing!

The Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable is a detailed playset that brings the horses of the Disney Princesses to life. Watch as you place any of the horses on the ramps they magically "klip klop" or trot down the ramp to their next destination. 

There are two Royal destinations a Tower and Stable. On the three tiered tower side there is a vanity, Library and kitchen. As the horse trots to the Royal Stable, there is a balcony to overlook the grounds and then you can slide down to get to the ground level of the Royal Stable. 

There are two stalls and as you open the two stall doors, the horse will magically klip klop out. There is also a door in the center for a grand entrance. In the Court Yard you can place the Princess and horse on a dancing floor. There are lots of Klip Klop locations throughout the entire playset. Included is Rapunzel riding Maximus and a food piece.

Help Mike become a knight! His magical castle has all the actions & phrases to help play out the world of Glendragon. 

Actions include: Press shield to release draw bridge and activate phrases and sound effects. Mike can grasp onto zip line and slide from the roof to the battlements area. Flip down battlements area to prepare to launch the catapult. Child can load boulder onto catapult and launch it. 

Lift Mike's bed to reveal slide to Galahad's room. Lift hay panel on Galahad's floor to reveal hidden items. Open treasure chest and it automatically reveals treasure or empty chest. Feed Galahad by manually rotating panel in trough, magically revealing hay. Feeder flips from full to empty. 

Secret Magic Potion bookshelf door takes Mike from the inside to the outside overlook. Ladder takes Mike to the different levels. Open and close front door in tree to access treasure room in castle. *Mike figure fits securely on horse to ride. Includes castle playset and 7 play pieces. Mike figure, Galahad horse, ladder, catapult, 2 boulders, spinning treasure chest, flipping hay trough.

8)  Little Tikes Count 'n Play Cash Register

Little tikes consistently delivers innovative products that contribute to the physical and social development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers while stimulating imagination and inspiring creativity.

Cook up a good time with this bright, 10-piece plastic cookware set. Includes tea kettle, frying pan with lid, two-handled pot with lid and five utensils with big, easy-to-grip handles. Frying pan measures 4 ½ .

Enjoy the thrill of receiving personal mail every day with this wooden mailbox activity set. With 6 letters and 6 removable stamps, it’s fun to sort the mail into the mailbox, and then open the door with the wooden key for special delivery.

I can say that these are 10 most exciting pretend play toys that I’ve seen.  You’re sure to get lots of enthusiastic help when your kid get these sets as their own toys.

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