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Shop 10 Best Toys for Babies: 6-12 months

Naturally, most babies can sit by themselves approximate 6 months.  Besides, they can play with both hands and like to explore toys; i.e. pressing buttons, squeezing blocks and pushing down stacks of cups.  When they are nearly 12 months, most of them can crawl on their hands and knees.  Some are on their ways to walk.  

Choosing  the right toys can help your baby to develop these motor skills.  Let’s shop 10 best toys for babies: 6-12 months

1)   Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table

Busy, busy there's SO much to do, with four corners full of learning fun. Each has an entire interactive learning center with lights and a friendly character who invites your baby to play, encouraging movement and exploration all around the table. 

Your baby can learn letters, numbers, counting, first words, colors, shapes, opposites, animals and much more—in English and Spanish. Musical fun includes sing-along songs, tunes, real instrument sounds and a variety of music styles. The Imagination mode brings imitative play to life with real-life sounds, piano keys, phone tones and more. Lots of activities, lots of songs and even bilingual learning in an age-appropriate way.

2)  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Basketball

Your little athletes will have a ball learning A-B-C’s, 1-2-3’s, colors and opposites, as well as teamwork and sportsmanship. With eight dancing lights, colorful shapes, moving hands and a smiling friend, learning fun is a slam-dunk. Includes two soft basketballs to toss through the hoop. Height adjusts to keep up with your growing baby, for sitting or standing play. 

Helps your baby learn through everyday experiences: 1) Promotes understanding of learning concepts and language. 2) Introduces letters, numbers, shapes, colors and opposites. 3) Builds self-confidence as your baby learns how to score a basket. 4) Fosters thinking skills and problem solving. 5) Encourages learning through active play. Teaches: Letters, A-Z, Numbers and Counting, Shapes, Colors, Opposites, Sportsmanship and more. 

3)  Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Rumble & Learn Driver

The Rumble & Learn Driver is an interactive learning driver that encourages & rewards your baby’s learning through play! The steering wheel and gear shift rumble as your baby turns the wheel and changes gears, while the puppy character moves back and forth on the dashboard. 

Features On & off headlight switch, up & down turn signal, turning key, and easy to hold steering wheel with colorful beads inside. Sing-along songs, learning phrases, realistic sound effects and dancing lights encourage your baby to learn & play 3 modes of play: learning, music & imagination. Teaches letters, numbers, actions, opposites, directions, & more.

4)  Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise


Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Cookie Shape Surprise provides lots of learning fun. Grasping four cookie shapes helps your baby develop fine motor skills.  Your baby’s thinking and problem solving skills are also put to the test as he / she figures out how to activate responses by placing shapes into the jar through four shape sorters, the belly or by pressing the lid. In addition, your baby will be introduced to letters, numbers, sorting and more with sing-along songs, tunes and learning phrases!

5)  Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Piggy Bank

Cha-ching! Get ready to cash in on playtime fun and learning with the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Piggy Bank! The piggy bank introduces your baby to counting, colors, animals, and sizes through friendly role-play, all wrapped into an exciting piggy bank theme. 

With 10 colorful coins to drop into the Piggy Bank’s slot, and an open door for put-and-take play, it’s a toy with lots of exploration. Your baby can press piggy’s nose to hear musical responses and sing-along songs that teach colors, animal names and counting skills. Big coins show animal moms, little coins show babies. And, just like real coins, the coins have heads and tails – with the front and back of each animal. 

Put coins in, take them out, press the silly piggy’s snout – your baby will be laughing all the way to the bank. Watch his / her face light up as he / she explores, discovesr, plays...all those moments when your child learns best.  With playful ways to engage curious minds, exercise your child's little body, and nurture budding personalities. Because nothing’s more amazing than sharing the joy of learning with your child.

6)  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Creation Center Case for iPad

A sturdy case with clear film helps to protect your iPad device from dribbles and drool as your baby plays. With four art shape stampers, your baby can interact with two downloadable apps, allowing your baby to learn, create and discover shapes, sorting, colors and more. A colorful play panel snaps over the film for even more ways to play without your iPad. Use the Laugh & Learn Creation Center flat or set up the easel on back for variety.

7)  Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza

The Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza comes with eight colorful balls. Full of great ramp play, it's perfect for all of baby's key physical milestones. The center tower has pulsating lights that encourage your baby to move up and around. For a sitting baby they can drop the balls onto the lower ramps or bat at the paddle wheel. 

When your baby's ready to crawl he / she can crawl through the gate, which spins all the way around. Or he / she can crawl through the other arch, activating break the bream, and be rewarded with lights and sounds. When your baby is ready to stand and cruise he / she can put the balls into the top and he / she will shoot out and bounce off the trampoline and down and around the ramps.
8)  LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

Set a space for fun, learning, and sharing. The Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket helps your little learner explores shapes, colors, manners, and more. Over 30 audio responses encourage pretend play, and the 14-piece set helps your child build motor skills as she sorts, matches, stacks, empties, and fills.  You can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.

9)  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn™ Magnetic Cookie Puzzle

Here's a sweet way to stimulate your baby's skills! All 4 cookie shapes are magnetic, so it's easy to place either side into the puzzle tray. That helps your baby gain a sense of accomplishment while learning about colors and shapes on one side, and textures on the other. Lots of delicious fun, with 2 sing-along songs, 8 tunes, 3 silly phrases, and light-up gumdrop buttons!
10)  LeapFrog Peek-A-Shoe Octopus

LeapFrog Learning Path toys help your child learn through play. With the Peek-a-Shoe Talking Octopus, you can see the skills your child is building as he / she figures out where the balls go, identifies numbers and practices basic counting to five, and plays music.  Your kid is sure to be charmed by the adorable purple octopus and his brightly colored snap-on shoes, which invite him / her to touch, lift, press, and play.

I'm quite sure that your baby will learn more when he / she feels at home. Combining familiar objects, everyday discoveries, and your baby’s never-ending sense of wonder.  Let's choose at least one item from the above mentioned toys for your baby now!







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