Monday, April 7, 2014

10 Best Toys that can Expedite Your Baby to Walk

Walking is an important developmental step for babies.  Normally, the age range that babies can walk is between 9 to 18 months.  You may worry when your baby can walk and like to know how to expedite your baby to walk, right? 

I would like to suggest you 10 best toys that can serve this purpose :

1)  Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

The Fisher-Price® Activity Walker steadies and supports your baby’s first steps.  This fun Activity Walker increases walking confidence and helps your baby develop balance and coordination skills as he/she pushes the sturdy walker along. The Fisher-Price® Activity Walker packs fun and development into each step!

2)  Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker

Add to the thrill of learning to walk - with exciting musical accompaniment!  Your baby can sit and play, too - tapping, pressing, spinning, flipping, and grooving along. Lively music, fun sounds . and very sturdy support for new walkers. Activities include piano keys to press, guitar toggle to flip, turning tambourine dial, bat-and-spin maraca, and saxophone to press for real horn sounds. 

3)  Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll Along Walker

When your baby is ready for the new world of walking, this sturdy stroller is ready to lend support. The wide base and easy-grasp handle help steady her first steps, while adorable stroller styling encourages early role play and nurturing. See the wiggly bear riding on the stroller handle? Your baby can press its tummy for musical rewards, or enjoy fun activities with this toy strollers spinners, roller bar and flipbook. There's even room to take a friend along for a stroll (Baby's 1st Doll sold separately). 

4)  Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2 in 1 Walker, Circles

At a time when you are looking to save wherever possible, Kolcraft offers and extended use walker, at a reasonable price point, providing entertainment for your baby well beyond that of a traditional walker, jumper or entertainer. 

The Tiny steps 2 in 1 activity center offers a new 3 legged design for extra stability that also folds flat for storage and travel. A height adjustable walker for growing babies, Tiny Steps converts from an activity walker (6 months to walking) to a walk behind walker (9 months and up) as your baby begins to walk. Electronic Discovery Center with 2 built in batting toys to keep your baby amused.  

5)  Winfun Grow With Me Musical Walker


It has an easy grip handle that helps your baby stand and balance. There are many moving, music making and detachable parts to interest your baby and bring out the laughes.

The handle can be adjusted to fit your baby's height. Includes 24 color and natural blocks. Playtime ideas: the toy will help your baby develops gross motor skills and stimulate coordination as he/she practices pushing, controlling and stopping the Baby Walker. Pushing the Baby Walker will help improve coordination and balance. The Blocks stimulate creative thinking and imagination. Your baby will also learn about size, shape, weight and geometry, which are basic math concepts.

Chicco Baby Walker helps your baby to stand up and take its first steps in complete safety. All your baby has to do is to hold onto the handle, start walking and the toy immediately starts playing an amusing melody. The melody stops when your baby stops, encouraging your baby to move a few steps more. The Baby Walker is also an activity center that helps stimulate your baby's imagination and coordination skills with the many amusing games, lights and fun sound effects. 

8)  Chicco Baby Jogging

Chicco Baby Jogging helps your baby to take his/her first steps safely. Thanks to the ergonomic adjustment system, the toy offers six different positions to adapt to the child's different physiques, always allowing a natural and correct posture. Every step taken by your baby is accompanied by playing lights and melodies. Depending on the speed of walking, the lights come on progressively and the rhythm of the melody speeds up or slows down. 
9)  Hape Galloping Zebra Cart

This balanced walker provides a sturdy base for pulling up to stand, and a unique design that makes pushing a breeze. Nodding friendly zebras lead the way. Once your baby is comfortable pushing the walker, encourage pretend play by putting stuffed animals, dolls, or blocks in the wagon to push. Boosts coordination, balance, and physical strength. Rubber rimmed wheels to protect floor surfaces.  Hape's toys stimulate your baby through every stage of development and help nurture and develop his/her natural abilities. 


The Brilliant Basics Walker Wagon is a modern walker that is fun from your baby's very 1st step, offering 2 modes of grow-with-me play. The front of the walker features a shape sorting door and 3 block shapes. 

Your baby will love to spin the large clear ball with 10 colorful beads and 2-toned jack, and flip the 4 flip pages along the front of the walker. Both of the sides of the front panel have bead bars and a fun clicker on a post on one side and a boingy bell on a spring on the other side! 

The clicking treaded wheels will encourage your baby to get walking! When your baby's ready, the walker can be converted to a wagon, just by moving the handle bar from the front to the back with a few simple snaps.  Your baby now has his very own wagon to carry and store all of his favorite toys!

Let's help baby learn to walk and I can guarantee you that these 10 best toys can expedite your baby to walk absolutely.




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