Friday, April 18, 2014

10 Best Activity Toys for Your Baby

Through playing, your baby can explore his new world and practice new skills.  You can satisfy your baby's curiosity and promote the development of a multitude of skills by choosing activity toys for him.  

Here below are 10 best activity toys that I would like to suggest you to choose for your baby :

1)  Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

Your baby can discover melodies, learning and a world of fun in this feature-packed activity table. The light up piano has two modes, melodies mode and discovery mode.  Your baby can free-play piano, learn colors in 3 languages, as well as activate 5 classical melodies. The drum station counts from 1 to 5 in 3 languages, while the guitar station allows your baby to strum the guitar and activate lights. The shape buttons feature animal characters and musical instruments, so your baby can learn all three in English, Spanish and French. The table legs are also removable for floor play with your younger baby, so as your baby grows, the table grows with your baby.

Letter train and piano activity table has detachable legs so floor play is anoption. The alphabet table has simple learning and play activities to keep your baby occupied and learning. The push train circles the alpabet letters. The 5 note piano board has flashing lights. The train whistle, gearshift, spinner, sliding bee and flapping butterfly offer fun sound effects.

3)  LeapFrog LeapStart® Learning Table

This is a happy, noisy toy that should amuse most toddlers. Everything that can be touched reacts in some way, from a trombone-playing frog to a book that sings the alphabet. Our favorite is the colored keyboard that sings each color you press. The tabletop can be placed on the floor for your baby who still in the crawling phase, or can sit on the included legs for a sturdy surface and leaning spot for your little one who are new to walking. 

4)  Laugh & Learn Puppy & Friends Learning Table

With four light-up activity corners, your baby can stand and cruise to explore all around. The laptop opens and closes for realistic role-play with Puppy and Monkey. Puppy reads aloud at the interactive first words book, Sis and Puppy count together on the phone with detachable receiver, and Monkey plays around at the piano keys.

With four modes of play (Learning, Music, Imagination, and Bilingual) your baby will learn all about letters, numbers, opposites, shapes, colors, greetings, and more. There are over 60 sung songs, tunes, and phrases full of learning, too. Legs remove easily for floor play. Includes power and volume control.

5)  Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table

Busy, busy there's SO much to do, with four corners full of learning fun. Each has an entire interactive learning center with lights and a friendly character who invites your baby to play, encouraging movement and exploration all around the table.  

Your baby can learn letters, numbers, counting, first words, colors, shapes, opposites, animals and much more—in English and Spanish. Musical fun includes sing-along songs, tunes, real instrument sounds and a variety of music styles. The Imagination mode brings imitative play to life with real-life sounds, piano keys, phone tones and more. Lots of activities, lots of songs and even bilingual learning in an age-appropriate way.

6)  LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table (Frustration Free Packaging)

Learning experiences that incorporate music can influence your baby’s memory skills and his / her grasp of the rhythms and patterns of language. The Animal Adventure Learning Table has lights that twinkle to musical beats, activities to help your baby discovers colors and shapes and a hippo that introduces opposite words. 

The Learning Table also features activities to encourage your child’s motor skills, such as pulling, grasping, pressing and turning, as well as promoting sitting up, standing, cruising and other gross body movements.

7)  Fisher-Price Interactive Baby Grand Piano

There’s nothing like watching your baby fall in love with music. This baby grand will play Cupid to a toddler’s relationship to music. Just the right size for your baby's little fingers, with bright colors, lights, and familiar songs and learning concepts; your baby will need no introduction before getting in there and starting to tickle those ivories! 

Three modes of play encourage your child to enjoy music, learn basic concepts (alphabet, counting, opposites, etc.), or just play notes and chords on the eight-key keyboard. A plastic songbook (built into the piano) uses numerals on musical notation to teach aspiring musicians the correlation between the sounds he / she hears, the notes on the page, and the keys on the keyboard. 

8)  Playskool Rocktivity Sit To Stand Music Skool Toy

Whether your baby is sitting or standing, he’s going to rock with modern rock and pop tunes! Featuring kid-friendly versions of hit songs you know, it’s music you’ll love! Toys they’ll groove to! With more than 50 tunes, sounds and activities, your child won’t be able to stop playing, singing and grooving. 

With 3 rockin’ modes of play! Music mode lets your baby build a tune while exploring, moving and grooving. Learning mode introduces your baby to shapes, colors, letters, numbers and more. Spanish mode features all the fun of Learning mode - in Spanish! This toy also helps encourage development of Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Cognitive Learning, Sensory Development and Speech & Language.

9)  Fisher-Price Stand-Up Ballcano

Watch the fun erupt with lights, music, sounds and motion to keep your baby busy and active! The six colorful balls spew out of the Ballcano™ over and over to keep your baby’s attention and encourage standing.  Your baby will enjoy placing them back in and watching them roll down the ramps for fun surprises. Bat the roller for eruption action! 

Encourages your baby to pull up, stand, cruise & crawl, helping develop gross motor skills. Rewarding sounds, lights & action help your baby understand cause & effect. Enhances eye-hand coordination as your baby grasps & drops balls on top. Full of lively music, bright colors & action to stimulate your baby’s senses.

10)  Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker

Add to the thrill of learning to walk—with exciting musical accompaniment!  Your baby can sit and play, too—tapping, pressing, spinning, flipping, and grooving along. Lively music, fun sounds … and very sturdy support for new walkers.  

Activities include piano keys to press, guitar toggle to flip, turning tambourine dial, bat-and-spin maraca, and saxophone to press for real horn sounds 

Developmental Benefits for your baby – Stimulates Senses: 1) Dancing lights, bright colors and friendly characters offer visual stimulation. 2) Lively music, songs and sounds enhance auditory skills. Enhances Learning Through Discovery: 1) Strengthens problem-solving skills as your baby figures out how to activate instruments and songs. 2) Helps your baby discover the joy of music and instruments. Encourages Developing Motor Skills: 1) Strengthens fine motor skills with hands-on activities. 2) Enhances balance, coordination and gross motor skills as your baby learns to walk.

I can guarantee that these 10 best activity toys will provide endless enjoyment and help your baby improve his development as well.





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