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10 Best Toys that will Help You Entertain Your Fussy Baby

Raising a baby is not quite easy, especially when he is very small.  You, as a new mom, may face difficult in communicating with your new baby and don’t know what he really needs whenever he cries.  One way that you may keep your baby calmed for a while is amusing him with toys.

Here below I would like to suggest you 10 Best Toys that will Help You Entertain Your Fussy Baby :

1)  Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical Toy

The Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra from Baby Einstein introduces your little baby to the beautiful world of classical music. Engaging and interactive, Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra allows your baby to explore how instrument sounds are combined to create classical masterpieces from M ounce art, Beethoven and Vivaldi each re orchestrated just for little ears. 

Colorful lights indicate active instrument and dance along to the music. Easy for your little one to activate and features 2 play stages that grow with your baby: Symphony mode for infants press buttons to hear 5 different instruments (piano, drum, cello, xylophone, and harp). Composer mode for older babies press buttons to add and subtract instruments; press top button for full symphony. Discover 8 classical melodies and together time fun.

The Baby Einstein Octoplush is a soft, multi textured, developmental plush toy. Young babies can hug Octoplush to hear a Baby Einstein melody and explore the textures for tactile development. As your baby grows, colorful stitched satin patches on velour legs invite your baby to learn color names through repetition. Squeeze each leg to hear color names in English, Spanish and French. Patterns of the color names are also printed on the underside of each leg in multiple languages.

3)  Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Promote music appreciation and auditory development by introducing your little one to baby-friendly versions of classical masterpieces by Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini with the Baby Einstein take along Tunes. A large, easy to press button allows your baby to toggle through 7 high quality and enjoyable classical melodies at home, or for on-the-go fun. This baby's version of an MP3 player has colorful lights that dance across the screen to enhance each entertaining melody and promote visual perception.

4)  Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smilin' Smart Phone

This cool phone is packed full of learning opportunities, with fun sounds, phrases and more than 10 sing-along songs and tunes. Nine colorful, light-up buttons are easy to press, rewarding your baby with words, sounds and greetings. Your baby can learn about ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, weather and opposites, while getting a start on conversation skills and early role play. 

5)  Tiny Love Baby Toy, Follow Me Fred


The Tiny Love Follow Me Fred is an adorable puppy with intriguing sounds and motions that are sure to delight your baby. Activated by your baby's touch, this self-rolling puppy will encourage crawling, and fun buttons and sounds will enhance your baby's cognitive development. You can even set Fred's rolling speed to customize it throughout your baby's crawling stages.

6)  Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Poppity Pop Musical Dino

This adorable friend is big on ball-popping fun!  Your baby can place balls in the dino to see them pop up or roll down and away, as lively music and sounds play along.  Ball-popping action: Grasping & dropping balls into the dino gives eye-hand coordination a great workout. Spinning roller: Batting the roller starts music & action, helping your baby understand cause & effect. 6 colorful balls: Pop out of the dino and roll out of his mouth, encouraging your baby to crawl after them! Friendly character: Full of music, sounds, bright colors & movement to stimulate your baby’s senses.

7)  Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table

Busy, busy there's SO much to do, with four corners full of learning fun. Each has an entire interactive learning center with lights and a friendly character who invites your baby to play, encouraging movement and exploration all around the table. 

Your baby can learn letters, numbers, counting, first words, colors, shapes, opposites, animals and much more—in English and Spanish. Musical fun includes sing-along songs, tunes, real instrument sounds and a variety of music styles. The Imagination mode brings imitative play to life with real-life sounds, piano keys, phone tones and more. Lots of activities, lots of songs and even bilingual learning in an age-appropriate way.

8)  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Basketball

Little athletes will have a ball learning A-B-C’s, 1-2-3’s, colors and opposites, as well as teamwork and sportsmanship. With eight dancing lights, colorful shapes, moving hands and a smiling friend, learning fun is a slam-dunk. Includes two soft basketballs to toss through the hoop. Height adjusts to keep up with growing babies, for sitting or standing play. 

Helps your baby learn through everyday experiences: 1) Promotes understanding of learning concepts and language. 2) Introduces letters, numbers, shapes, colors and opposites. 3) Builds self-confidence as your baby learns how to score a basket. 4) Fosters thinking skills and problem solving. 5) Encourages learning through active play. Teaches: Letters, A-Z, Numbers and Counting, Shapes, Colors, Opposites, Sportsmanship and more.

9)  Fisher-Price Chase & Race Town

Spin and race, chase and crash, hear fun sounds and see lights flash! It’s a whole town full of racing action, with three spinning discs, two easy-grasp vehicles, and plenty of exciting fun! Grasping cars & dropping them into police station or gas station enhances fine motor skills. 

As your baby bats rollers & moves the gearshift, fun things happen, encouraging thinking skills & understanding of cause & effect. Stimulates senses with fun music, sounds & lights. 

10)  Fisher-Price Disney Baby Amazing Animals Sing-Along Choo-Choo

Animals are amazing--especially when they're your baby's favorite Disney pals! Join Dumbo, Simba, and Lucky on an exciting Fisher-Price Disney Amazing Animals Baby Sing-Along Choo Choo adventure! More than 15 sing-along songs, tunes, and phrases play as your baby rolls along. The smoke stack lights up too! Shake Lucky for rattle sounds, and move Dumbo and Simba's head and legs--they have clicking, movable joints! The train includes power/volume control for quiet play.

Choosing right toys for your baby can help you entertain your fussy baby and I'm quite sure that these 10 toys listed above are the right ones; i.e. your fussy baby will keep calm for hours when playing with these toys as well.




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