Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rubber Ducks: Funny Bath Toys for Your Baby

There are various kinds of bath toys that can make bath time fun.  Rubber duck is one of funny bath toys for your baby. 

Now the rubber ducks come in all shapes and sizes as listed below. 

1The Original Rubber Duck Toy for the Bath

2Reader Rubber Duck Bath Toy
 It is pretty soft and squishy!

3The Original Rubber Duck Sitting
It is a little funny looking and a good little duck!   The color is different from the other ducks on the market, it has varying shades of yellow, orange and a touch of green.

4Boon Odd Duck - Bob

Funky colors and unusual shapes make these the hippest ducks in the tub. Yes, he is hip, has mod graphics and bold colors, but this duck is more than just fashionable.  The duck is so sweet!

5Dentist Rubber Ducky

It is a fun bath toy for your baby to play with while bathing.

6Boon Odd Duck - Squish

This little duck has hip, mod graphics and bold colors, but these ducks are more than just fashionable. This adorable twist on the classic rubber ducky will bring life to the bath tub!

In short, the above mentioned rubber ducks shall bring happiness to your baby during bath time, I do believe!

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