Monday, October 4, 2010

Best Baby Bath Toys That Will Entertain Your Baby

Some babies are afraid of bathing, so choosing best baby bath toys can help them to forget about that.  In the meantime, baby bath toys can keep your baby occupied and entertained during bathing.  I can say that, with best baby bath toys, bath time shall be a happy moment between you and your baby.  It's such a playful atmosphere! 

Let's shop for best baby bath toys that will entertain your baby.  They are all highly recommended:

1)   Bathtub Families - Mother Pig and Three Piglets

It is such a warm family.  They are so cute with sweet color!

2)  Green Sprouts Stacking Cup Set

This cute Stacking cup set, with draining holes, have different sizes and colors.  They will keep your baby playing in and out of the bath.  So simple, but so entertaining!

3)  Elegant Baby Bath Toy Set - Frog

Make bath time more enjoyable with this fun filled gift set. Every part of the set is at once fun and elegantly coordinate, from the tiny green frogs to their floating inner tubes.  Very adorable, very perfect!

4)  Elegant Baby 8 Piece Bath Squirties Gift Set in Vinyl Zip Bag - Sea

Make tub time extra special with this wonderful set of bath toys, a few splashy friends.  Your baby will never want to leave the tub.

5)  Squirters for the Tub - Garden

Soft, chubby, colorful bathtub squirters are the perfect size for little bathers to hold and squeeze. Lots of fun
for little squirts!

6)  Sassy Bathtime Kitchen Sink

Make bath time much more fun with the Sassy Bathtime Kitchen Sink.  This is a super-cute bath toy!

7)  Sassy Car Wash Bath Toy

Rub-a-dub-dub, three cars in the tub! Forget rubber duckies and bubbles—bath time gets really fun when there are vehicles to be washed. This car wash activity set will hold your baby’s attention long enough to turn him/her into a chubby raisin in the bath.

8) Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net

These are adorable and wonderful bath toys!

9)  Funny Face Beakers

These beakers are great and very fun.

10)  B. Fish & Splish Bath Boat
Set sail in this adorable floating boat!  Your baby will be enjoyable and glad that he/she can sink the ship!

As you can see, these best baby bath toys are really cute and colourful.  They will surely entertain your baby during his/her bath time.   Choose them now for your baby and you will not be disappointed!

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