Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rubber Duck Bath Toys with Fun Styles

In the old days, rubber ducks were all yellow, but there are various colors and fun styles of rubber ducks available on online stores nowadays.  It's time for you now to buy those rubber ducks as your baby will certainly love to have various styles of rubber ducks around in the bathroom and will surely enjoy watching those rubber ducks swimming in the bathtub while bathing.

Some of those rubber duck bath toys with fun styles are listed here below for your choices:

1)  BUD Space Duck

2)  BUD Spring Duck

3)  Gothic Duck - Luxury Rubber Duck by Bud

4)  BUD Daisy Duck

5)  Daydream Duck - Luxury Rubber Duck by Bud

6)  Color Changing Ducks

These will be much interesting and can be your baby's favorite toys.   I can guarantee that, with those fun rubber ducks listed above, your baby will enjoy bathing a lot!

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