Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to Choose Toys for your Children

"Toys" are ones of the best friend of our children as the main activity for them are playing with "Toys". Someone said "playing is learning", playing with "Toys" can be a great way to help the growth of the children brain. There are plenty of toys selling anywhere all over the world; i.e. toys shops, department stores or online stores, etc. Therefore we should carefully choose the best toys for our children. In the meantime, those toys to be considered should be appropriated with our children development as well.


For example, infants are most interested in movement and sound. So, shaking a brightly colored rattle or a key ring will stimulate them. Bright colors, shapes, animals' picture, would be also much attracted to their attention.

When they grow a little order, textural toys they can touch or squish in their hands, such as stuffed animals, would be recommended.

During the age of 24 to 36 months, we can help our children to create "real life" activities into play, such as drive car, have a tea party, etc.

The most important thing we should bear in mind is that while playing, our children are happy or not. So, paying attention what interests to our children would be much helpful.

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