Saturday, March 7, 2009

What loveliness a baby is

The birth of a new baby is the happiest time of your life and a highly magnificant occasion. It is indeed more exciting and wonderful than you ever dreamed. Where there will be a baby, there is a cute and special person. Life will never be the same. It, in fact, just begins. The days pass by slowly when one is very small.

Now you must learn to love in a different way. Share everything with your baby. Share laughter, smiling and so on. Your baby is so gently and lovely. Take each minute with intensive care of your baby and remember your baby’s first smile or first everything. Look forward to all those exciting activities your baby does.

Actually, the first smile you see may be while your baby is sleeping. The baby’s smile specifically direct at you means much to you, it shows that your baby recognize you. A smile like no other, smile of pure joy that sweeps all confusion and all awkwardness. In the meantime, his cute smile and big laugh bring the great happiness to parents.

Generally, all baby’s need at the beginning are food, warmth and your love. So give absolute love and attention to your baby. In the meantime, you may think of other necessary items your baby may require later like baby crib, or bassinet, etc.

The baby is a wonderful gift from your heart and more beautiful than anyone else. He brings endless gifts and a new delight each day. Most people like to talk and play with the baby because he is so easy to please.

What a loveliness a baby is. We can say that the baby is the parent’s heart and every baby in the world deserves to be loved. The baby’s being small lasts so short. Before you know it, the baby will be grown and gone. The first year of the baby is full with adventure and excitement, so share and enjoy every moment with your baby.

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