Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to Prepare Things for our Newborn Baby

The first time that we knew we were pregnant was very wonderful and full with happiness. We were very much excited and since then we tried to study as many methods of baby care as we can during the period of pregnancy, which is almost 9 months. For the whole world, baby is only just a small part, but for mom, baby is the greatest one in the world. The important works for the special person will keep us much busy throughout the day or even in the night. So, we should know right now how to prepare things for our newborn baby perfectly and ready to welcome him or her with great pleasure.

Let's take a look and find here below some necessary things which we would normally think about first:

* Baby bottles, nipples; in case, if we are not in the position to take care our baby with Breastfeeding, bottles feeding maybe done with expressed breast-milk or with infants formula.

* Baby bag

* Baby cloth nappies; choose ones that most absorbent and secure.

* Diaper; change baby's diaper each time he or she wets, normally baby uses approx 8 - 12 per day.

* Crib sheet; should be soft and comfortable.

* Baby clothes; should be made of natural cotton, silk or wool fiber which is simple and comfortable.

* Baby cap; keep our baby head warm...whenever we go out elsewhere.

* Bassinet, cradle crib, cradle swing; choose ones that can rock our baby to become asleep shortly and have a sweet dream sleep.

* Baby blanket, crib pillow; should be made of soft cotton, make our baby feel warm, comfortable and secure. It should also help keep our baby sleeping well and sleeping longer at night.

* Crib shoes; should be soft and comfortable

* Baby bathing items; i.e. plastic bathtub, baby soap, no-tears baby wash, baby powder, baby shampoo, etc. Baby shampoo should gently clean hair and scalp, maintaining the delicate balance of the scalp in newborn. Besides, baby bathing toys maybe also considered, for enjoying our baby during bathing time.

* Stroller; when we have to go outside, we may think about a stroller. It's more convenient to let our baby sleep in while we are shopping or even jogging, without disturbing him or her. The stroller should be light and easy to take anywhere or anytime in supreme comfort.

* Baby car seat; this is also necessary if we take our baby outside by our own car. Our baby will be safe from any kinds of accident.

Look at this such long lists! Believe it or not, although we are trying our best to think of things which are necessary for our newborn baby, there are, in fact, plenty of things that we missed. Following your instinct is the best way to meet your baby's needs, choosing the best things for him or her. We believe you can finally handle it.

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