Saturday, September 3, 2016

How to encourage your Baby to be Smarter

From research, we all understand that the first year of baby's life is the most important time for his/her learning.  Taking care your baby with your love, as Mom or Dad, is the valuable factor that can encourage your baby to be smarter.  Yes, it's the easiest way to do so.

Your baby can feel your love every time you are with him/her; i.e. while you hold him/her in your arms.  Even though, he/she cannot understand your words, he/she is effected by your emotions; i.e. happy, sad, etc.

Your baby's brain is working all the time.  You can practice his/her brain by creating or telling him/her more words every day.  Introduce those things your baby sees throughout the day and describe the things to your baby clearly by your easy words; i.e. "red toys", "green ball", etc.  Talking to your baby a lot is one of the best ways that can help for your smart baby.

To help your baby increase his/her vocabulary, you may take your baby for a walk outside every day and point out those things and say that "Look at that dog!", "A cute cat is coming", etc. 

While going shopping with your baby, he/she will be excited with the different faces of people who say hello with him/her and various sounds and colors can attract his/her interest as well.

We can say that your baby can gain a lot of experience while going outside and this will much encourage your baby to be smarter.

In the meantime, you may speak to your baby by soft tone of your voice.  This will make your baby feel warm and happy.  He/she will be able to catch on the rhythm of your speaking shortly.

Or let your baby learn many tones by singing songs to him/her whenever you can; while changing your baby's diapers, while bathing your baby, while feeding your baby, etc.

You may make funny noises when your baby touches your face, when your baby touches your nose or when your baby touches your ears.  These will make him/her laugh a lot and happy so much.  This will help your baby's development on hearing as well.

While changing diaper, you may teach your baby about his/her body parts.

Playing peekaboo can also help your baby learn that things can disappear and then came back.

Reading books will help your baby learn language.  If you read books to your baby every day, he/she can also learn to recognize the sequence of the words in the stories as well. 

As you see, encouraging your baby to be smarter is quite easy.  Let's go!

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