Friday, September 9, 2016

10 Tips to create good Mood and big Smile for your Baby

Creating big smile to your baby will help him / her have a good mood.  The smile and good mood will expedite the development of your baby in all aspects as well.

In contrary, if your baby always cries and has a bad mood due to various reasons such as wet diapers, uncomfortable clothes, etc., these will certainly slow down your baby's development.

Here below I would like to recommend you 10 tips to create a good mood and a big smile for your baby.

1) In the morning, welcoming your baby with a gentle smile, soft and warm voices will create a good mood to your baby as well.

2) Before going to bed, please choose three-dimensioned pictures tales books that your baby can touch and tell the stories to your baby with funny noises.  This will help your baby sleep well and create a big smile to your baby indeed.

3) Taking a bath can create a good mood to your baby.  While bathing your baby, you may add bath toys such as duck toys in the bathtub.  Your baby will enjoy bathing at any time.  Besides, another thing that you may do while bathing your baby is that massaging your baby's body.  This will help him / her feel refresh and have a good mood as well.

4) Diapers will also effect to your baby's mood because it will be with your baby's body throughout the day; i.e. every movement, sleeping, sitting, crawling or walking, etc.  Wearing uncomfortable diapers will irritate your baby's body and will certainly create bad mood to your baby.  Therefore, you should choose diapers that are thin but can absorb well.  This will help him / her be in a good mood and affect all aspects of your baby's development accordingly.

5) Prepare good, healthy and tasty food for your baby.   He / she will enjoy eating, have a good mood and big smile every meal.

6) Good environment at home is also very important because you and your baby stay almost of the time at home.  Everything should be tidy.  Open windows for fresh air and you may create good atmosphere with soft music during play time of your baby.   This will help your baby be in good mood.

7) Take your baby for a walk for fresh air outside the house.  Your baby will have new experiences, create his / her own imagination and touch with pure nature.  This will help expedite your baby's development indeed.

8) You may buy cute pets for your baby such as dog or cat, for entertaining your baby. Your baby's mind will be tender and in good mood.

9) Music can help to soothe your baby.  His / her mind will be calm and happy while listening to the music.

10) Your mood will affect directly to your baby.  So, please be in good mood, hold your baby with gentle touch and tender care.

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