Friday, May 13, 2016

Your 2 Years Old's Development

It is important time for you to promote the development of your child at this age because your child is now interested in all things around her and eagers to learn new things.   

Your child at this age begins to practice seriously physical skills.   She starts running. She is able to go up and down the stairs.  She can kick or throw a ball.  She can walk on tiptoe.  She loves to climb and jump.

Besides, she starts to learn and be interested in what other children do.  She will be much excited while playing with other children.  Therefore, you should take her outside to see other children; i.e. jogging in the park, playing at playground, etc.

You should encourage her to speak by teaching her new words frequently and every day.  You may teach her to follow simple instructions like sit down, stand up, pick up the ball, etc.  In the meantime, you will receive many questions from her; “what”, “why” or “how”.   Don’t be bored to explain to her clearly and correctly.  She may understand and say many words but you sometimes have to translate those words to others due to her immature pronunciation skills.

Your child at this age will enjoy reading books so buying picture books for her will be a great idea.   She will also love to listen those stories, so you may read the books to her every day.  These will help her increase her words and understand things in daily life as well.

Your child would love to pretend play with toys that can imitate her daily life; i.e. telephone toys, kitchen sets, workshop sets, shopping carts, etc.  These will help your child’s imagination. Your child will also like to pretend herself as a doctor, nurse, mom or her heroes as Princess, Sinderella, etc.

Toys can help your child develop her skills in her daily routine.  Sorting or stacking toys will be great toys for your child at this age because she can realize different sizes and shapes now. 

Choosing musical toys or musical tables for her will also be a good idea because your child likes to make sounds by banging and shaking those toys.  She will also enjoy dancing and singing while playing with those toys as well.

There are many things that your 2 years old can do and you are the one who can help your child expedite these important developments.

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