Monday, May 9, 2016

Choose Best Toys to Help Expedite your Baby's Speech

Even though your baby cannot speak at the moment, she can remember and recognize your voice and tries to communicate with you in other ways; i.e. crying, smiling, laughing, etc.  Your baby may smile happily while you hold her closely and talk to her with short and soft words.  This will help your baby gradually develop her communication and speech in the future as well.

In the meantime, “toys” is also a great way to help your baby develop her language, practice thinking and imagination as well.  Therefore, choosing best toys that can help expedite this development is a good idea.  Here below is my suggestion.

Unbreakable baby mirror will help your baby discover her image while she tries to have conversation (make some sounds) with herself in the mirror.  (She does not realize it is herself she is seeing in the mirror)

Naturally, most babies love to hear stories, so choose best baby picture books for your baby and read as often as you can to her.  Reading repeatedly will help her learn, respond and interact with you respectively.  This is not just for entertainment but it is very important to help your baby’s brain development.  As you would see, reading books to your baby is a valued time between you and your baby, so please bear in mind to arrange it as a part of your daily routine accordingly.

“Peek-a-boo” toy will be your baby’s favorite toy.  She may make bubble sounds while laughing and playing with this toy.

Musical toy will keep your baby entertained and she can also practice her language as well.  So, playing and singing songs with your baby every day will be helpful for her speech development. Your baby will also learn to appreciate sounds and music.

Rattles will create noises that most babies love.  You may sing songs and let your baby enjoy the rhythm of the rattles.  Your baby may also make her own sounds while playing.

I quite believe that these toys can help encourage your baby to speak earlier or expedite your baby’s speech as well.  Whenever your baby can speak, it will be filled with smiles and happiness indeed.


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