Sunday, March 27, 2016

Reasons why you should read Tales to your Child before Bedtime

The first year of your child’s life is the best time of your child’s developing skills.  An easy way to help this development of your child every day is reading tales to your child before bedtime. 

Why should you read tales to your child before bedtime?

This is because it can build your family relationships.  It is a comforting, warming, loving and bonding time between you and your child.  This will also help building your child’s intelligence and help encourage his / her confidence.

Your child will learn how to think and observe while listening to the stories.  

Besides, tales can help your child learn language.  From tales, your child will learn about sentences and meaning of words.  He / she will have a positive attitude towards learning in the future as well.

If you read tales to your child frequently, your child will remember all the whole stories and easily understand all things surrounding him / her.  

Furthermore, reading tales before bedtime every night will help stimulate your child's imagination and help him / her learn about new things that he / she has never met before.  Your voice can also inspire your child's imagination. 

Moreover, tales can teach morality to your child.  He / she can realize about goodness through the tales and he / she will use it when he / she grows up.

If you choose best tales for your child, this will help him / her understand about the whole story quickly, eager to know what will happen and listen to you intently from the beginning till the ends. 

Last but not least, tales can help your child love reading indeed.

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