Saturday, March 19, 2016

10 Necessary Items for Your Newborn

When the delivery of your baby comes closer, you will be very busy in preparing everything for your new baby indeed.  As to assure that you will not miss any essential things, I listed here below 10 necessary items for your newborn, for your reference:

1.  Diapers and nappies

Best diapers and nappies should be soft and quickly absorbed.  For diapers, you should buy those sizes that can be fit to your newborn.

2.  Baby clothes

Clothes for your newborn should be soft and made from 100% natural fibers because it is warm and ventilated.  In addition to clothes, you should prepare gloves, socks, shoes and hat for your newborn as well.  By the way, do not buy them in large quantity because your baby will grow rapidly.

3.  Baby soap, shampoo, and powder

You should choose gentle products for your newborn’s skin to avoid any irritation.  Presently, there are many brands of baby soap and shampoo in the market, some brands can be used for both bathing and shampooing.  This will help facilitate you as well.

4.  Bathtub

You should prepare at least one bathtub for bathing your newborn daily.  It should be fit only for your newborn.  Besides, it should have smooth surface and no rough edges.

5.  Baby towel

You should buy 3 – 4 pieces of baby towels for both swaddling your baby and using after your baby’s bathing time.  The baby towels should be soft and good quality.

6.  Baby crib

Apart from baby crib, please also include sleeping pad, pillows and blankets to the lists.  These should be soft cloth, mild and non-irritating to the skin of your newborn.

7.  Cotton buds and cotton wool

These are essential things which should be well-prepared in large quantity because you will use them every day to clean your newborn.  Please choose the ones that are non-hazardous, sterilize, clean and safe.

8.  Baby clipper

Your newborn will have long nail quickly, so you should nail them frequently.  The clipper should be small, rounded and made of quality material.

9.  Bottles

The bottles should be made of best material without hazardous for your newborn.  Choose the bottles that are easily handles, wide bottom and can be clean easily.

10.  Baby napkin

You should buy napkins in large quantity for cleaning your baby's lips and body throughout the day.  Choose the ones that can absorb water quickly and can be clean easily as well.

I do hope that this information will be helpful for you.

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