Sunday, January 10, 2016

How the Development of your Baby during the First Year can impress You!

Having a new baby for the first time is a great experience that you will remember for life.

Actually, the development of your baby during the first year of his life is really impressed you; your baby will have rapid development during this golden period which is full of sweet memory and nice impression.

Even though, your newborn baby will see things that are far away at 8 – 9 inches only, but he can remember your sound and smell precisely.

In the meantime, for your new baby, he recently found a new world that is very large and strange, not like in your warm womb, adapting to this unfamiliar world may cause your little baby concern and cry too much.  Don't be worried.  It is only a nature of baby who would like to communicate with you what he wants or need your help.

At the age of six months, your baby can sit by himself successfully but only a short time.

At the age of eight months, your baby will enjoy crawling to everywhere in your house.

At 12 months old, your baby is able to walk around by holding some furniture like table, bed, etc.  And he can stand by himself firmly for a moment.

Every steps of your baby’s development is very important.  You may help to expedite the development by choosing suitable toys and play together with him.  

Your baby will learn well while he plays and concentrates with toys for a long period of time.  Toys that allow your baby to play freely are blocks of wood, drawing, coloring or puzzles, etc.

The development of your baby during the first year until he can start walking, I think, that is a valuable reward for you.

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