Friday, April 24, 2015

Top 10 Musical Toys to Entertain Your Baby

Sometimes, your baby maybe restless and bored with his toys, buying music toys for him will be a good idea because the music toy will keep your baby entertained while playing.  It will also comfort and stimulate your baby’s developing senses as well.  The music will soften his ears and your baby will be happier than before, believe me.

So, let’s shop ones from top 10 musical toys listed below to entertain your baby now !
1)  Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band

This set includes a mini rainbow shaker, baby maraca, baby rattle and cage bell.  
Mini Rainbow shaker - It's fun, your baby will love to watch the beads fall down through the baffles and make noise.  It is worth it.

Baby Maraca - It's clear so your baby can see the small beads hitting the sides of the plastic. It has a decently loud noise and is fun, but in the end it's a rattle. One cool thing to point out is that both this and the rain maker build up a static charge inside of the plastic which causes some of the beads to float.  It looks like magic.

Baby Rattle - It's a fun noise maker for your young baby. Sort of like shells strung together. They slide back and forth on a metal shaft.  Your baby will have a lot of fun with it.
Cage Bell -  This is such a baby friendly bells.  It is great quality.

Just the right size for little hands to grasp and shake, these maracas will get baby rattling and rocking to the beat in no time.

Pounding on Hape's Pound and Tap Bench sends the balls tinkling over the xylophone. Pull out the keyboard and the xylophone can be played solo. Hape's toys stimulate your child through every stage of development and help nurture and develop his natural abilities. 

Specially designed for baby with safe, rounded edges and accurately tuned for sensitive little ears.

5)  Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube


This award-winning product will be music to your little one's ears. It teaches how sounds combine to create 8 Mozart masterpieces. Your child can add or subtract instruments with the touch of a button and lights flash along with the music. It's fun, it's creative, and it's inspiring. It provides hours of interactive play for budding young composers of all ages.


The Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra from Baby Einstein introduces your little baby to the beautiful world of classical music. Engaging and interactive, Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra allows your baby to explore how instrument sounds are combined to create classical masterpieces from Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi - each re-orchestrated just for little ears. 

Colorful lights indicate active instrument and dance along to the music. Easy for your little one to activate and features 2 play stages that grow with your baby: Symphony mode for infants - press buttons to hear 5 different instruments (piano, drum, cello, xylophone, and harp). Composer mode for older babies - press buttons to add and subtract instruments; press top button for full symphony. Discover 8 classical melodies and together time fun.

Great for building coordination and strength, the Soft Chime Garden encourages your baby to reach, tug and bat. Featuring soft textures, ribbons, and friendly smiling faces, it provides your baby with multi-sensory fun and encourages two-handed play. Choose from three modes of music to awaken your baby's auditory awareness.

Promote music appreciation and auditory development by introducing your little one to baby-friendly versions of classical masterpieces by Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini with the Baby Einstein take along Tunes. A large, easy to press button allows your baby to toggle through 7 high quality and enjoyable classical melodies at home, or for on-the-go fun. This baby's version of an MP3 player has colorful lights that dance across the screen to enhance each entertaining melody and promote visual perception.

The Musical Inchworm is a soft friend for your baby to grow with. High-quality velour fabric. Underside measures baby up to 24". This fun toy rattles, squeaks, crinkles and jingles and has interesting textures to touch and chew. Plays if you're happy and you know It clap your hands when you squeeze the nose.


Get ready to kick up some learning fun with the Singin' Soccer Ball.  Your baby will love discovering numbers, counting, colors and opposites and learning about teamwork and taking turns. The soft, baby-friendly ball is easy to grasp and roll, with fun sounds, songs and tunes to encourage play.

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