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10 Best Activity Centers for Your Baby

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sit and play, activity centers will serve this purpose.  The activity centers will also help encourage healthy development; i.e. enhancing large motor skills, the bright colors and fun music engage your baby's visual and auditory senses as well.  

Besides, the activity center will enhance learning through discovery; your baby's actions make things happen, helping him to understand cause and effect.  Finally, reaching and grasping onto the baby activity's toys fosters eye-hand coordination.

I would like to suggest you here below 10 best activity centers for your baby.  

1)  ExerSaucer Day at the Beach Activity Saucer

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Mega Beach Baby offers parents a safe alternative to walkers. With a variety of age appropriate toys that help your baby achieve important developmental milestones. With rock, spin and bounce actions that provide your baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen legs, back and neck muscles.

The Springin' Safari Bounce A Round from Bright Starts provides 360Degree of activities and bouncing action to keep your baby entertained while playing. More than just a bouncer, the Springin' Safari Bounce A Round seat rotates so your baby can play with the interactive toys all around. 

Whimsical characters and toys located on the activity tray encourage your baby to bend, reach, rattle, spin, pop, and grip. When your little one grow, the seat can be adjusted to 3 different height positions to ensure comfort. 

Your baby will get plenty of seafaring delight as he bops, spins, pulls, and swats interactive ocean toys. With the Baby Neptune Activity Saucer, your baby can choose from eight undersea activities to engage in play and use coordination skills. 

The cozy sand-dollar patterned cradling seat rotates 360° to give your baby access to all toy stations. Interactive play stations include a three-mode piano with ocean sounds and classical music melodies, octopus popper, whale spinner, turtle pull toy, and more. 

The melody maker detaches so your little one can listen to it wherever he goes. Three height adjustments accommodate your baby for comfort as he grows. 

Your little baby will jump with delight as he explores the neighborhood with his favorite Baby Einstein friends. The neighborhood friends activity jumper special edition has 12 plus activities that surround your baby and encourage 360 degrees of fun multi-sensory experiences. 

The electronic piano has lights, volume control, and three modes: classical melodies, piano key tones, and language discovery in English, French, and Spanish. Other fun activities include a spinning frog bead chaser, spinning rattle drum with beads and a mirror, and more. 

It also includes additional link loops to add some of your baby's favorite toys. The secure support seat provides extra support for your little baby, and with five height settings the jumper grows with your baby. Start exploring.

This entertainer is designed to grow with baby from infant all the way through toddler stage, delivering a unique musical experience for all ages. Younger babies can enjoy exploring all the musical fun and activity while spinning around in the 360 degree rotating seat. 

As baby starts to become mobile the glider rails will allow her to walk back and forth in the product while still supported by the seat. Once baby becomes more independent the seat can be removed and baby can freely move around the musical stations. 

Piano keys on the base of the product can be activated by baby's feet and piano keys and drums can be activated on the main surface of the entertainer. A combination of fun songs (melodies and sing songs), sound effects and lights play along as baby interacts with the different instruments.

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn offers you a safe and stable environment for your baby to jump, learn and play. A variety of age-appropriate toys were developed in conjunction with the child development institute to help your baby achieve important developmental milestones. 

Rock, spin and jump actions also provide your baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen gross motor skills. The unique balance base helps to build core strength and coordination. 

Provides your baby with secure learn and play environment 58 fun learning activities help your baby achieve important developmental milestones; 

- bounce base gives your baby a soft landing pad that promotes stability in early development.
- extra jump allows your baby to exercise legs while being entertained. 
- take with me toys provide for customizable learn and play experience physical exercise to develop your baby's neck, back and leg muscles and improve gross motor skills, brings toys closer to your baby.

Grows with your baby to provide maximum product value.  3-position height adjustment.

This fun learning activity center helps your baby achieve important developmental milestones.  Your baby will love to smack the elephant and make it *scream* or also like to stare at little green leaf mirror as well.  All the teethers and bright colors are good for your baby. There are 3 different melodies and flashing lights which are very fun and interactive.

This activity center is very helpful and entertaining!  There are a lot of good variety of activities for your baby to play with, touch and explore here.

- Two hanging butterflies swing and bang into each other at every swat.
- Green palm leaves are crinkly and velvety to the touch.
- Stemmed dragonfly is great for teethers and can be bent into reach.
- The arched rod has 2 hard plastic monkeys that are fun to slide up and over to the other end.
- Earth globe plays different music and has flashing lights when touched.
- Parrot on a perch flips around and makes a ratchet sound.
- Alligator has lift up sections tethered by ribbons and has buttons underneath to push and make sounds.
- Seat swivels the full 360 degrees

Treat your baby to some poppin', droppin' funtime with the Busy Ball-Tivity Center Assortment from Playskool.  This air-powered activity center will delight your baby with its high-rolling balls, exciting sounds, and adorable toys. This fun, stimulating, and durable set entertains your baby, while also encouraging hand-eye coordination and healthy auditory and visual development.

Everything your baby needs can be found in this Rainforest Jumperoo. Its newly designed frame allows you to opens it up from the top, and lets the seat rotate 360 degrees so your baby can play and interact from any side. 

A fun seat and toys at five locations on the platform engage your baby all the way around, and an electronic toy at the front has motion, music and lights that can be activated by your baby spinning a drum. 

Seat also features a bobbling elephant, a monkey swinging from a vine, a parrot hanging from a bead bar, a clear spinning bead ball, a tiger that plays hide and seek, a spinning lizard that makes rattling sounds, a tethered chew toy and a stack of chips with cute graphics for your baby to explore. 

Two soft leaves extend from the frame to create an overhead 'canopy' with soft toys that dangle down for fun bat-at play. Includes a motion sensor that encourages your baby by rewarding him with lights and sounds when he jumps.

I can guarantee you that these 10 best activity centers are full of exciting sights and sounds and your baby will enjoy with the fun activities as well.

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