Sunday, June 23, 2013

Choose Toys for Your Baby's Development

Naturally, babies can learn through playing and toys are the most important keyword for their learning process.  We can say that playing with toys will certainly help your baby create new learning experience and expedite your baby's development.  Therefore, you should be careful to choose the right toys for your baby's development as well.

There are plenty of toys that can help your baby's development.  Here below are five ones for your choices :

1) Lamaze Cloth Book, Peek-A-Boo Forest

Peek a boo forest soft book.-Flexibility of the mesh adapts to your baby's body, distributing the weight of the torso evenly, minimizing the pressure on your baby's abdomen.

Makes tummy time fun and comfortable.  Bright colors and large, friendly animal eyes invite your baby to focus on a single object, supporting healthy eye development.

2)  Sassy Crib and Floor Mirror

Sassy Crib and Floor mirror inspires your baby's vision, touch, exploration and communication and manipulation skills with high contrast colors, character faces and simple patterns and realistic forms. 

Includes high contrast tracker ball for visual stimulation and perception. Textures and fun characters of lady bug and butterfly keep your baby's attention. Textured leaves offer fun peek a boo play. 
3) Lamaze Play & Grow Mortimer the Moose Take Along Toy

Mortimer the Moose will keep your baby amused for hours with his many colors, textures, and sounds. His antlers are teethers, his feet are colorfully patterned and make a variety of sounds, and he chimes when you pick him up. From birth on up, Mortimer is a cute toy that will hold your baby's attention.

4)  Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys


Sassy Bath time Pals is a great bunch of little characters for the tub. A set of 5 squirt and float characters in a variety of colors and textures. They are perfectly sized for your baby's little hands to grasp and squirt. 

Watch Me! Watch as your baby becomes more familiar and comfortable with water play. Show him how to play squeeze, fill and squirt Bath time Pals. Watch as he learns that squeezing underwater creates silly bubbles. 

5)  Baby Einstein Octoplush

The Baby Einstein Octoplush is a soft, multi textured, developmental plush toy. Your young baby can hug Octoplush to hear a Baby Einstein melody and explore the textures for tactile development. 

As your baby grows, colorful stitched satin patches on velour legs invite your baby to learn color names through repetition. Squeeze each leg to hear color names in English, Spanish and French. Patterns of the color names are also printed on the underside of each leg in multiple languages. 

We can say that the experience of playing with age-appropriate toys and the care of  your baby closely will always help your baby in learning process and his development as well.

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