Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Best Toys that can Stimulate Your Baby to Crawl

Normally, most babies at the age of 6 – 12 months could crawl.   But if your baby did not crawl yet, don’t be worried, maybe it’s because of lack attraction for him to crawl.  
If this is the case, I would like to recommend you 5 best toys that can stimulate your baby to crawl.

1)  Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Naturally, babies like to look at things that can move.  Besides, the stunning colors give this toy favorite a lively look.  Your baby will play it with fun and try to catch the rolling ball as well.  This will also help your baby to creep slowly to the ball and can crawl finally. 

2) Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

This toys will help to promote your baby's fine motor skills with the light-up heart, paws, tummy and ear, each responding to your baby's touch while encouraging his eye-hand coordination.

Place this toy on the floor approx. 1 foot from your baby, this toy will catch your baby's attention so that he start to crawl and go to get it!

3) VTech - Move & Crawl Electronic Activity Ball

Bright, contrasting colors, and dancing lights add visual interest.  Character buttons and colorful ribbons enhance tactical stimulation.  Rolling the ball encourages crawling and first steps.

4)  Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Press And Crawl Turtle

A little turtle to press, a BIG turtle that rolls and moves, plus lots of fun surprises, action and sounds to reward your baby!  

Press & go action: Helps develop gross motor skills, encouraging your baby to crawl! 

Peek-a-boo fun: Head pops out as turtle is pressed, helping your baby understand cause & effect. 

Silly sounds: Rewarding sounds & music stimulate auditory skills.

5)  Sassy Pop N Push Car

Sassy Pop n Push Car inspires exploration and promotes cause and effect learning. It is fun to watch your baby pull the easy to grasp car back and watch the popping beads that hit the cars top. This brightly colored toy will encourage your baby in motor skill development

Try one of these toys to play with your baby at any time.   Your baby is going to crawling soonest possible, I guarantee

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