Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Choose Shoes for Your Baby

It’s time to walk now and the essential thing for walking is “shoes”, right?  Let’s see which types of shoes shall be suited for your baby's first step.   

Buying first shoes for your baby is important.   Therefore, I would like to recommend you to consider the following items :

Choose comfortable shoes for your baby.  Let’s your baby wear the shoes and notice that he feels comfortable or not.

Choose shoes with soft ground. Made of soft, lightweight and flexible. It will help your baby to control and balance the feet than shoes with a hard surface.

Shoes that are fit for your baby should be wide at the head.   This will help your baby feel comfortable while wearing. 

Besides, you should choose the shoes with heels and ankle straps tighten as to support the muscles when walking. This will help your baby to walk better balance.

** Ventilate
Choose shoes that are well ventilated; i.e. be made of good quality canvas or grained leather.

**Easy to put on and take off
Best shoes for your baby should be easy to put on and take off because it will make your baby feel good about wearing shoes.

** Avoid slippers
Avoid wearing slippers. This may lead to problems with your baby's knees in the future.

However, it should be best to let your baby walk barefoot because this will help your baby to learn to use his feet, improve balance and also help the development of your baby’s foot muscles as well.  Good luck!

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