Saturday, April 13, 2013

4 Tips for Soothing Your Baby From Crying

Sometimes, it’s not easy to soothe your baby from crying because you don’t know exactly what reasons why your baby cries.  Or sometimes, you may be sure that your baby cries because of hungry but after feeding, your baby start crying again. 

Let’s see what’s going on and try 4 tips for soothing your baby from crying as follows:

1)   Change the topic
When your baby is crying, you may divert his interest by changing the topic.  Talk to him gently or you may sing lullaby songs for him.   This will make your baby feel relaxed and turned his attention to the sound that is heard instead.

2)   Favorite dolls
Using your baby’s favorite dolls, plush pillow or blanket will be good idea to help soothing your baby from crying.  Or you may try to hold your baby in the tub with warm water along with his favorite dolls.  Your baby will have fun and forget about crying as well.

3)   Give your baby something to eat
Give your baby something to eat like clean water, orange juice or other fruit juice. Your baby might enjoy the taste and forget to cry anymore.

4)    Hold your baby tightly
Try to hold your baby tightly and tell gently to your baby that you are here and don’t be crying.   Besides, you may rub gently on his body or wrap him with soft blanket.  This will make him feel safe and warm. 

By the way, these 4 tips are only for your guide lines for soothing your baby from crying, there are other ways to do so.  You may find eventually best tips that are suitable for your baby in each situation.  Good luck!

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