Friday, September 3, 2010

Diaper Cake, A Popular Baby Shower Gift

Baby Shower Gift plays an important role at the baby shower party.  The new moms will receive a lot of baby shower gifts from family members and friends.

If you are invited to a baby shower party and don't know what a baby shower gift should buy, I would suggest "Diaper Cake".  As the first week with a new baby is very hard time especially for new mom.  The baby shower gifts that mean much to the new moms should be the gifts that can provide any convenience for them.  Diaper is one of those items that most moms and new babies can use right away.  No matter the baby will be boys or girls, most moms generally need a lot of diapers per day in the very beginning of period.  So, it is so much useful!  That's why diaper cake is a very popular baby shower gift amongst the essential items.

Here are four cute diaper cakes that are highly recommended for you:

1)  Bloomers Baby Diaper Cake Classic Blue Hydrangea 2-Tier

This diaper cake makes a gorgeous baby shower centerpiece!

2)  Bloomers Baby Diaper Cake Modern Pink Mums 2-Tier

This is a very beautiful baby diaper cakes!

3)  Small Yellow Orchids Diaper Cake by Bloomers

These diaper cakes are wonderful and the flowers looked great!

4)  Boogie Wipes Boogie Time Diaper Cake

This diaper cake will perfect to take to new mom and new baby!

As you can see, giving "Diaper Cake" as a baby shower gift is sure to be popular at the baby shower party.  It will certainly show your love and care to the new mom and her new baby.  You will receive a big smile from the new mom finally!  So, why don't you buy the diaper cake for her?

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