Saturday, August 28, 2010

Five Nursery Lamps for Your Baby Girl

Although nursery lamps are not the most important accessories for nursery, it may be the last piece that you think about or someone may overlook the nursery lamps, but I think the nursery lamps can play an important role for the nursery.  Nursery lamp can help you to feed your baby or change the diaper during the night time.  Besides, the nursery lamp can brighten up your baby nursery wonderfully.  The nursery lamps which are designed especially for baby can also bring a colorful and fantastic world to your baby room as well.

There are a lot of beautiful nursery lamps for baby girls and I would recommend five nursery lamps for your baby girl for your selection:

1)  CoCaLo Sugar Plum Lamp Base and Shade

Light up your baby girl's nursery with a whimsical touch.  It will look great in your baby nursery.

2)  Carter's Garden Party Lamp Base And Shade, Lilac, 10 X 17 X 7"

The Garden Party lamp base and shade is the perfect way to softly illuminate your nursery.  The colors are vibrant!   The lamp looks adorable and your baby girl would love to look at the wonderful butterflies on the shade as well.

3)  CoCaLo Tropical Punch Lamp Base and Shade

This lamp is so adorable with beautiful animals base complemented by polka dot print shade. The colors are so sweet!

4)  Room Magic Lamp, Girl Teaset

A Teapot and teacup served on a beautiful platter make this lamp perfect for any tea party girl.  It is really cute and the shade is very adorable.

5)  Alphabet Soup Lamp with Shade

A functional and decorative accent to complete your nursery.  Light up your baby’s nursery with this adorable yellow-eared elephant perched atop a cheery alphabet block.

I can finally guarantee that those five nursery lamps can put a smile on your baby girl's face indeed!

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