Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Five Mirrors That Your Baby Will Love

Normally, most babies love to look at faces, esp. if they are their faces.  Therefore, choosing a nice mirror for your baby would be a great idea.  Besides, some mirrors can help your baby develop his/her talking.  Some mirrors can encourage your baby crawling.  Some mirrors can help your baby discovering himself/herself while you introduce him/her to his/her body parts.  Some mirrors can help your baby's exploration; i.e. explore the different textures of the attached toys.  In the meantime, the baby mirrors should be safe, sturdy and unbreakable.

If you are looking for some mirrors that act as described above, here below you will find top five mirrors that your baby will love:

1Lamaze My First Mirror 
This is an awesome mirror.  It can entertain your baby during his/her tummy time.  Your baby will love its bright color and enjoy seeing himself/herself in the mirror!  The mirror is unbreakable so it's very safe for your baby.  It is very easy to take to anywhere as you can attach it to anything; i.e. the crib, the car seat, stroller or just leave it on the wedge and play with it on the floor.

2Sassy Me In The Mirror 
This is very amazing mirror attaching with small, cute and colorful animals.  Your baby will certainly enjoy playing with those animals.  Besides, he/she will love to watch himself/herself smiling, laughing, crying, moving forward or backward, etc.  Another one great thing is that this mirror comes with picture frame which you can put your baby's picture on the opposite side of the mirror.  That will be really nice!

3Lamaze Discovery Pyramid 
This is a great tummy time toy.  Your baby will love to enjoy exploring the interactive pyramid and the turtle with ribbons, fish with crinkle peek a boo flap and a dolphin with crinkle and ribbons.  The mirror is also miracle.  These will encourage your baby crawling and develop your baby's visual development as well.

4Sassy Developmental Carrier Mirror 
It is so cute that your baby will love.  Besides, it will help your baby develop their skills; i.e. vision, touch, etc.  Moreover, this mirror is a true reflection mirror that can help your baby organize his/her world.  The fun caterpillar and the balls can entertain your baby and attract your baby's attention as well.

5Sassy in the Mirror Crib Toy  
Your baby will love to see himself/herself in this large mirror with a high-contrast border that encourage self-discovery.  The attractive bugs offer additional visual stimulation along with textures and sounds to foster exploration.

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