Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Baby Monitors For Your Baby

You, as a new mom, will be much busy during the earlier period of your newborn baby's life.  Sometimes, you may be anxious even when your baby sleeps.  As you cannot be with your baby all the time, you may wonder when your baby will wake up.  Is your baby crying while you are away from him/her?  Therefore, you may have to look for something that can help you to have some free time to do other things like washing dishes, having dinner, having some sleep, etc.

The one that serves this purpose or solve the problem is baby monitor.  It will be a perfect device to help you keep your eyes on your baby closely during his/her sleep wherever you are in your house.  Following you will find some best baby monitors for your baby:

1Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video

You can see and hear your baby from anywhere in your house through the portable, handheld color video monitor.  Besides, LED Sound lights help you to view every moment of your baby even when monitor screen is turned off.

2Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor

This monitor works great with a 2.5" color display screen that will get your baby's best view.  You will also hear every sound of your baby; breathing, crying, etc.  Besides, it's also convenient when using the monitor in the night time.

3Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set with 7" LCD Screen and 1.8" Handheld Unit

This monitor is different from any other monitors.  There is the Dual Video Monitor Set.  It looks great.

4 Levana Babyview20 Interference Free Digital Wireless Video Monitor with Light Lullaby Camera

This monitor is a perfect device that can help you to see your baby on his/her every movement, even in the dark.

5Graco Ultra ClearII49MHZ Baby Monitor

These little monitors are very excellent as it would come handy and the sound is very clear.  It supplies at a good price indeed.

6Phillip Avent Basic Baby Monitor W/DECT Technology

This is a wonderful monitor which can connect you and your baby through a crystal clear and secure connection.

7Baby Call Nursery Monitor - 27 Channel

This monitor is great and excellent.  It is one of the most popular product.

As there is nothing more important than your baby, choosing the best baby monitors for your baby from the above mentioned items would be a very great idea and then you can feel assure that your baby will be safe and secure.  Stay connected to your baby!

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